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4 Kinds Of Pilate Workouts For Beginners.

4 Kinds Of Pilate Workouts For Beginners.

Pompi Borah 24 July, 2017 Updated on : 01 Sep 2017

If you are eager to maintain a good posture with a strong abdomen and pelvis then Pilate workout is the right thing for you. An excellent workout for whipping the abs into a perfect shape. It involves precise moves and different types of breathing techniques. Doing a Pilate workout regularly will give you a balanced body and a perfect shape.

Isn’t that great?

So no excuses, get the workout done!!

Various types of Pilate workout make you feel good and look great. Doing regularly makes you look amazingly toned and sculpted without starving and you will feel calm and happy.

Let’s peep on some benefits


  • Improves Flexibility
  • Improves Posture
  • Increased body awareness
  • Relaxes your shoulders, neck and upper back
  • Increases lung capacity and circulation of deep breathing


High impact or high-intensity workouts are great for calorie burning but they aren’t really suitable for beginners. So here are some Pilate workouts for the beginners:




  • Glute Bridge


Lie on the floor with your face up. Now bend your knees, but keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms at your side with your palms down. Pushing with the foot, lift your hips up, slowly off the ground until your knees, hips and your shoulder form a straight line. Hold this position for a couple of seconds before you come back down. If you are doing this correctly then you will feel a stretch and burn in your glutes and in your hamstrings. It will provide benefits to your hip mobility and will strengthen your lower back.



  • Lying Leg Extension


Lie down with your knees over the hips and shins parallel to the floor. Now extend one leg away from the body then return to the center. Repeat the same on the other side. Though this workout is dominant for your torso, it will still build an abundance of strength and size for your upper body.



  • Side Lying Leg Abduction



Lie on the right side of your body and bend your right leg. Extend your right arm and rest your head on the right upper arm. Place the left arm in front of the body and extend the left leg. Now lift your left leg up and away from the floor and return towards the floor slowly.

This Pilate workout will improve functional fitness and prepare your body to perform well in any situation. This move will enhance core stability, which improves balance, postures and overall movements of your body.



  • Back Extension



Firstly lie on the floor with your face down and your elbows bent. Now place your forearm and palm down under the shoulders. Tuck the elbows in, push gently with the hands and lift the head and shoulders away from the floor. Ensure that you lift with your back and not the arms. Keep your neck straight.

Back extension workout will increase your ability to coordinate with your lower back movement. It will give you a strong back posture and prevent you from any sorts of back injury.






Pilate workout can really make a difference in your health.It makes you feel good every time. In Pilate, the quality of movements is valued over the quantity.