Tips To Reduce Belly Fat And Get A Healthy Body Post Delivery

Tips To Reduce Belly Fat And Get A Healthy Body Post Delivery

Pompi Borah 19 July, 2017 Updated on : 29 May 2023

Pregnancy, a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. This is a phase in which a woman undergoes a lot of physical and psychological changes. Pregnancy is a period where a woman becomes cautious of what she intakes. Because getting back into shape after pregnancy is one of the most difficult tasks for every woman. Without adequate knowledge, one cannot know how to get a healthy body and reduce belly fat after pregnancy in order to get back in shape.


A pregnant woman should be careful of what she is eating because her main priority is the child in her womb and her body which will keep on changing within these 9 months. During pregnancy, it is recommended to eat lots of fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Whatever a pregnant woman eats, the excess amount of carbohydrates and fat in that food gets stored under the skin. These are not utilized for the development of any other bodily functions. This results in the increase of belly fat and saggy abs.


Your body will produce more and more hormones during the pregnancy period. The hormonal changes in the body will lead to mood swings, stress etc. So, it’s hard for the expanded belly to shift to its original shape. You will face a tough time because of a sagging tummy. In order to solve this problem, regular exercising and keeping a balanced diet is the only solution to go back to that original shape and size.

Some tips to reduce your belly fat and saggy abs:


  • Light exercises​


Light exercises reduce your risk of injuries and are ideal for a pregnant woman. After pregnancy, early exercising is the best way to keep your body fit and toned. It will help you in a long run.



  • Balance diet


To flatten the abs, after childbirth many women make a mistake of skipping the meals or replacing a proper diet which hampers to produce enough milk which is needed by the new born baby. After delivery, every one shifts their focus towards the new baby. But try to look after yourself as well as pay attention towards your diet.The best way is to eat all you need including carbs, proteins etc.



  • Walking​


After pregnancy, walking is the simplest form of exercise. It is particularly beneficial for our whole body's fitness especially the belly. Even taking a gentle walk is wonderful. Carrying your baby in the front is an excellent idea. The weight will not only help you to lose fat faster but it makes you healthier. So, when you gain control over your body you can make necessary changes with your workouts.



  • Simple Crunches


Start doing basic crunches after pregnancy. Begin slowly with a set or two of twenty and keep in your minds, not to push yourself too hard. It will help you to balance your body weight and reduce your belly fat. After doing this repeatedly, you yourself will feel and come to know of the changes.



Every woman knows that belly fat and saggy abs are very much tough to deal with and are not impossible to reduce. Just follow your balanced diet and exercise regularly with dedication, you will obviously find your way back to a normal healthy lifestyle.