Get Through This Long Weekend Without Spoiling Your Fitness

Get Through This Long Weekend Without Spoiling Your Fitness

FITPASS Editorial Team29 March, 2018Updated on : 14 Dec 2023

Avoiding long weekend weight gain seems impossible. Many of us experience weight gain during long weekends and packing on a few pounds during a long holiday is far from inevitable. Don’t get us wrong – a long weekend is all about celebrating, catching up with friends, and indulging – in moderation. Long weekends are also an opportunity to unwind yourself and feel relaxed. Many kicks of their boring routine out the window, sleep endlessly, and booze and binge eat endlessly. While a long weekend is a much-needed break, the problem here is that it erases all the efforts done throughout the week and leaves you feeling devastated later.

Weekends should be spent in a way that they energize you instead of pausing your progress or even reversing it. Let’s tackle navigating the massive food spread, hectic schedules and sidelined workout routines this weekend.


You are all set for a movie you have had your eyes on for about a month and a lavish dinner after the movie and compromising either on the movie or dinner is something you just can’t do. Let’s choose to meet in the middle, shall we? Here are some tips you can follow while you enjoy your movie date and dinner –

Fri - YAY

Tip #1 – Get a workout done first thing in the morning on Friday. This will help you to freely enjoy the rest of your day without fear or guilt. A morning workout will also enhance your metabolism and you will be in good spirit!

Tip #2 – Eat a healthy low-cal breakfast and lunch, as you wouldn’t like your calorie count to skyrocket. A healthy low-calorie meal will give you the benefit of indulging in a cheat meal without any excess calories.

Healthy Pop Corn Options at Movie Theatre

Tip #3 – Choose healthy options at the movie theatre. Pick salted popcorn or Fox-nuts (makhana) instead of butter or flavored popcorns and choose sweet corn salad instead of nachos. It’s all about making the right choice!


Saturday’s are for shopping! It is a fun day with lots of expenses on clothes and grocery shopping and as a result, it is obvious to feel exhausted and have some easy-to-go comfort food. Follow these tips and make the most of your Saturday shopping spree –

Shopping Health Tips

Tip #1 – Never go shopping on an empty stomach. You are most likely to feel a cringe and make bad food choices. Have a wholesome meal before stepping out to shop.

Tip #2 – This is one of the best days to get your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) done. Park your car a little far, take the stairs where ever possible and of course, shopping itself is an amazing exercise. It helps burn calories even without you knowing it.

Grocery Shopping Tips

Tip #3 – Make a grocery list beforehand and strictly shop according to your list. This will prevent you from buying unhealthy and processed food. Always check labels and the total calorie count.


Sunday’s are for preparing for the coming week and doing household chores which have been pending for a long time. Your preference would not be meals but re-arranging your house or planning your week. It is most likely that you order your meals from outside on a lazy Sunday. Let’s get straight to the tips then –

Healthy Recipes on Sunday

Tip #1 – Prepare your meals for the next week. Search for healthy recipes on your favorite website or speak with a friend and plan all your meals ahead of time. This will help save you time and money too!

Tip #2 – Instead of ordering pizza or burger, order salads or whole wheat wraps instead. Remember you have already cheated during the previous days and it’s now time to get back to clean eating.

Healthy Sleep Tips

Tip #3 – Sleep early! Don’t stay up late at night watching a movie or your favorite TV show. Staying up late will make you binge eat. It is important that you get your 8-9 hours of sleep. This also ensures that you wake up feeling fresh and energized the next day and you’re ready to take on the week!

A productive weekend leads to a productive week and the cycle goes on. It takes a little effort to bring changes to your lifestyle pattern. However, with the right choices and proper planning, you can achieve your fitness goals and by following a proper diet you can be in the best shape as well. Feel free to thank us for these tips later!