Friendship Day | Why You Need A Workout Buddy

Friendship Day | Why You Need A Workout Buddy

Pushkar Garg 02 August, 2020 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

Struggling with workout motivation is completely understandable. Whether you want to start working out or take it up a notch for better results, a workout buddy will help you in both regards. In some cases, having a good workout partner can be the difference between average and extraordinary results or even success and failure. Working out on your own has its benefits but the right workout partner can help you go the extra mile that you thought you didn’t have in you. Someone who understands you well will help you push through the extra few reps that will take you closer to your fitness goals.

However, in that desperation, you might end up choosing just anyone. That won’t do. You have to be picky when it comes to a workout buddy because it won’t work out with just anyone. It may be possible that your bestie might not be a good pair; it may be that you agree on everything but not on the way you exercise. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be the worst of ideas to give it a try because you can learn to suit each other. This friendship day, start working out with your friends with FITPASS. Whether you do it at home and compare results or get together and workout (while following social distance guidelines) with the help of HD videos by FITCOACH, give it a go.

Benefits of a Workout Buddy

  1. Helps achieve your fitness goals

Helps achieve your fitness goals

When you work out alone, there’s a high chance that your fitness goals might seem insurmountable. And it may be difficult to stay motivated. However, experts suggest that even if someone calls you and encourages you to work out, you do much better. The reminder call helps you shake off all the excuses and stick to your workout routine no matter what. 

If your workout buddy simply calls you every day before or after a workout, it can work as a reminder or a reason to do better tomorrow, respectively. Even if you do not have a workout buddy, get a friend to call you every time he or she is about to exercise. Or you can simply ask them to call you at a particular time everyday checking what you did and how you feel. This is all scientific and it works; it is backed by studies. Of course, working out face-to-face is much better.

  1. Competition makes you better

Competition makes you better

Competitiveness is a very human thing and it’s time to use that to your advantage. Healthy competition will always encourage you to do better. Studies have confirmed that you put in more effort when paired with someone who is fitter than you are. The better your buddy, the more motivation you will get. In fact, this works just as well virtually – when you work out at your separate places and coordinate on video. It does not make a difference if your buddy is a man or a woman.

  1. Working out is fun with friends

Working out is fun with friends

You need to be completely focussed when working out but it does not mean that the workout cannot be fun. If you work out alone, you know how it can become a little dull performing the same exercises. We end up anticipating, which also breaks concentration.

If you have someone to work out with, you can discuss the exercises and how you’re faring with them. Your workout buddy can be your social contact, which is much better than staring at a screen at the gym or your home. When you motivate each other, the workout becomes much more enjoyable.

  1. Try new workouts

Try new workouts

There’s no dearth of workout types from which you can choose. Not only can you attend new classes but you can get workout videos online quite easily. Still, you might have your apprehensions about trying something new. It’s not like you’re not brave enough to try a new workout, it’s just that you are more motivated and have fewer distractions when you’re with someone. It is easier to commit to as well when you know you have someone you already like to do it with you. Plus, your workout buddy will help you lose your inhibitions and try those difficult workouts that you have stayed away from for so long.

  1. Keeps you safe and grounded

Keeps you safe and grounded

Everyone has heard the story of a friend’s friend who got injured because the floor trainer wasn’t paying attention while this person was benching a lot of weight. Rest assured, your friend is not going to do that to you. Additionally, he or she will help you maintain correct posture and focus on form and technique.

Some people start thinking too much of themselves when they start seeing results. However, it can be detrimental in the long run because you’re bound to run off course. Your workout buddy will compliment you when you do something good but more importantly will help you stay grounded – will help you face the reality of working out every day. This will prevent you from making bad decisions that put a halt in your workout routine.

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