Friendship Day – Join Group Workout Classes Together With FITPASS

Friendship Day – Join Group Workout Classes Together With FITPASS

Pushkar Garg 02 August, 2019 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022


A friendship is, as a matter of course, based on a strong foundation that hardly wavers, which is why stick together and feel hurt when we separate. You and your best amigo (friend in Spanish. You already know that, no?) might go back to a previous job, college, school or even pre-school, but friendships need to be renewed every now and then when your paths diverge in life.

World Friendship Day is a celebration of your unbreakable relationship built through unforgettable times together. You might meet each other for a movie, a meal, party or a mutual friend’s wedding, but is that enough? Of course not! Your friendship needs something as solid as the bond you shared in your childhood when you played cricket, football, basketball, or other games together.

However, in our rushed lives, time is scarce and you need to come together for a constructive group activity. Here’s an idea – why not workout together? Why not get together to realize all the dreams of a perfect body you dreamt together when you had more time? We can promise you that it will be physically as well as mentally healthy. 

Workout Together With FITPASS

There are several roadblocks that might deter you and your freund (friend in German. Sounds similar so you guessed it) from working out together. Here are a few:

  •        You live far away from each other
  •        Certain fitness centers don’t offer workouts that you enjoy
  •        One of you might dislike a particular center
  •        The fees are unreasonable
  •        You don’t want to be restricted to a single workout routine

With a single FITPASS membership, you can choose to attend any workout at several centers in your city. So, instead of gifting each other knick-knacks on this International Friendship Day, get a FITPASS membership together, set your goals, workout, and achieve the desired results to celebrate the next one even better!

Of course, it will take time, but think about it – was your friendship accomplished in one day? Or is your bond the result of a few hours together? We guess not!

Reasons to Go For Group Workouts Together

Group Workouts

Believe it or not, there’s a high chance that you might not achieve your goals by working out alone. Your trainer/instructor motivates you but that just isn’t that same. So whom do you need? Your friend who knows your potential and when you’re about to quit; who would be better to motivate you than your bestie? Also, you can joke around and make working out much more fun. 

The number of workouts available these days is actually uncanny and so many choices can confuse you. While you might be stuck in a boring gym routine, you should call your ami (friend in French) this Friendship Day and in addition to the friendship day gifts and surprises, go and try a new friendship day activity – a workout. There are so many options – yoga, kickboxing, MMA, aerobics, cross-fit, Zumba, Bollywood dance classes and much more. And if you don’t like one of them, you can always go try out another one; it’s so much easier with a friend.

Stop quitting! But how do you do that? One of these days you might have to go to an event, other days you might be too tired or in the mood to just spend your time on Netflix. Your dost (friend in Azerbaijani. You thought Hindi, no?) will drag you to the fitness center. It might be annoying at first, but eventually you’ll get the best out of it. And similarly, you can do the same for them on their lazy days.

Your friend has got your back and you have got his/her. No, we’re not talking about getting into fights. But think about all the times you had to wait for your trainer to come and assist you at bench press or request a fellow gym goer to assist you with pull-ups. Your drook (friend in Russian. You didn’t know that, did you?) and you can assist each other and keep each other away from harm’s way.

Reasons to go for Group Workouts Alone

Reasons to go for Group Workouts Alone

Well, the good thing is that you can always make new friends without offending your old friends. At group workout sessions, you meet others like you who enjoy the same routines as you. Coordinate with them and work towards your goals together. These friendships can be limited to workout sessions without being trivial. And who knows, you might even make some friends that permeate other parts of your life as well.

The thing about working out alone is that you aren’t answerable to anyway except your own conscience when you miss a session. Try missing a group workout session and your trainer will ask you all the right questions to make reach the class a few minutes earlier the next time. You might find your group members asking you the same questions to make sure that the class is satisfactory with all the members present. Plus, you can discuss everything related to your workout together.

Classes these days are more about learning techniques and forms. Group session Instructors focus on everyone in the class, which is much better than the floor trainers who explain the exercise and leave to instruct others. Your gym friends can also let you know if you have missed something, which is why you would do better to join a group workout to get the best results.

Just about anything works out for if you get into a routine. But creating a schedule is one of the most difficult tasks. The thing with a session is that it is held more or less at the same time and everything is structured – start with a warm-up, then the workout, and finally cool-down. Group classes help you get into a defined routine, which gives the best results. 

And oh, by the way, Happy Friendship Day to you and your mitr (everyone knows this)

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