Family Workout | How To Exercise As A Family

Family Workout | How To Exercise As A Family

Pushkar Garg 08 June, 2020 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

No matter the age, no matter the gender, everyone needs physical activity to keep the body functioning properly. We must compensate for the time spent in front of a desk (usually adults) or watching TV or playing (usually children). While adults run an immediate risk of diseases such as heart problems, sugar, etc., kids are prevented from working on their motor skills and body parts – lungs, muscles, heart, etc. – and are headed towards an unhealthy lifestyle, even obesity. There is no doubt that the children in today’s time are less active than they were a couple of decades ago. And adult lives are as busy as ever.

Modern problems call for modern solutions and what could be better than family workouts? The lockdown has given ample opportunity to spend more time together but left bereft of the services of the fitness centers. But when at home, think of working out as leading an active lifestyle which includes the entire family. Attend live classes for family workouts on FITPASS-TV. Attend live yoga classes online or dance classes for fun while working out.

Family Workout Ideas

Go for walks

No matter where you live, you can and should go out for a walk before or after dinner (preferable) with your kids. Consistency is the key to good health – build the walk into your daily routine in a way that it cannot be avoided. Morning walks together with the family are also a great option. Take out your toddler in the stroller. Going to the park is recommendable where the children can play and get some physical activity and you can run, jump rope or do bodyweight exercises. If you have a pet, take it along because nothing could be better than keeping up with it.

Turn up the volume

Dancing is a sure fire way to stay fit and have fun while at it. Think about it – get together with your family in the living room or any other space and dance to your favorite tunes. Attend free online dance classes on several platforms like FITPASS-TV. Make it more fun by dancing to everyone’s favorite song once. It is easy to get kids interested in dancing, which is a great way to burn calories and lose fat. Dance is an interactive activity that improves coordination and communication skills, which is good for the entire family.

Make household chores fun

To involve your kids, make household chores like dusting a game – the broom is the weapon, dust mites are the villain. It all depends on their age and interests. If they’re fans of the Marvel franchise, you’ll have no problem getting them interested. Alternatively, make household chores mandatory for TV or phone time allowance. This kind of thing will make them value their time and get some much-needed physical activity. Cleaning the room requires a lot of effort, which you should leave up to your kids. It can be based on incentives like a few more minutes of TV or whatever they like doing.

Make gardening a group workout

Gardening is one of the best recreational activities you can ever undertake. The current environment has made it essential for us to have some plants for our respiratory health. Now, kids do love to play with the dirt and you can get them to do gardening. Planting vegetables or air purifying plants have several benefits – you and your children improve proficiency in an essential task, reap food, and improve your living environment. 

Of course, you will have to work with the space you have. If you have a garden, there’s nothing better. Otherwise, you can arrange pots on the balcony. Having some plants like the snake plant or aloe vera in your room will improve the air quality and they don’t need a lot of sunlight either. 

Since children are practiced with the internet, give them the responsibility of finding out the correct ways to plant certain vegetables and fruits and what would be feasible for the space you have. Find out what you can manage in your home so that your effort pays back. Make them water the plants every day, especially in the morning.

Walk the dog

Having a pet, especially a dog changes your life. If you do not have one, ask anyone who does. They keep you active and believe it or not, share your emotions with you. Basically, they keep you healthy. Unfortunately, a lot of people leave the care of their pets to house help which takes the opportunity to stay healthy away from both parties. Make walking your dog a family activity. As mentioned earlier, take your dog to the park along with your family and play along. Just keeping up with it will be an awesome workout in itself.

Group workout with FITPASS TV

Choose from a variety of live workout sessions conducted by prominent gym owners and fitness trainers across India. The group workouts are broadcasted live from the trainers’ location directly to your phone so you can work out wherever you are. Do Yoga, 5 Jab Fitness, Boxing, Functional Training, Dance, and much more. The workouts are based on bodyweight exercises so that you can work out even if you have no workout equipment at home. Get your family together at a convenient time and get fit together with FITPASS-TV. Happy Sweating!

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