5 Tips For Newbies In The Gym

5 Tips For Newbies In The Gym
Sanjana Kaushik
Dec 21, 2015
Updated On Apr 11, 2019 16:30

Desire is the starting point of all achievements.
                                              - Napoleon Hill

When it comes to fitness, we all have different goals. Here are some tips from our end which will help you achieve these goals.

Getting started


Many injuries and setbacks occur because people don't take enough time to fully equip themselves for their workouts. Make sure you :-

  • Wear shoes that fit

  • Wear appropriate clothes for exercise  

  • Use protection gear

Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana

Do this breathing exercise before your warm up session. This technique is used to balance and unite the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Warm Up

Warm Up

Your warm up should last 10 - 15 minutes, by the end of which your muscles should be stretched enough to avoid cramps after your workout. Some examples of warm up exercises include biking, walking,  swimming etc.

Depth Drop

Depth Drop

The depth drop is the best way to practice bilateral landings. It is paramount that you start out with a low drop (around 12 inches) and slowly move to higher drops only when you have achieved perfect form and control.

Superman Pose

Superman Pose

Targets three main muscles that run along the spine and also helps to prevent injuries, improve posture and, eliminate back & neck pain.

Just keep these 5 things in mind if you are a beginner. 
Don’t go too hard on yourself in the beginning.
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