Workout Tips For Indian Employees In White Collar Jobs
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Workout Tips For Indian Employees In White Collar Jobs
Published on: 23th Aug,2019
Last Updated on: 17th Jan,2024


Virtually non-existent physical activity on regular workdays has left white-collar Indian professional vulnerable to obesity or being overweight. An increasing number of employees have a higher than average BMI (body mass index) due to low levels of exercise in their routine. BMI is a measure of height in proportion to weight.

BMI Standards

  • Below 18.5 – underweight
  • 18.5 – 24.9 – healthy weight range
  • 25 – 29.9 – overweight
  • 30 and above – obese

They are certainly more at risk as compared to blue-collared counterparts; teachers, engineers, technicians, digital marketers, scientists among others are usually overweight and therefore have a higher risk of heart diseases. Studies have shown that the average BMI of men in white-collar jobs was higher by 1.17 units as compared to blue-collar employees, whereas it was 1.52 units higher among women. Interestingly, financial success was proportional to being overweight. 

A Comprehensive Solution

A structured mix of daily exercise and regulated diet is essential to maintain weight and stay healthy. However, it is difficult to adhere to fitness routines and diets when working dynamic hours. They need flexibility to workout whenever, wherever, and however they can manage. FITPASS grants access to 100,000+ workout options across India along with personalized nutrition assistance and an A.I. based fitness coach. Individuals with 8-10 hours long jobs can book sessions as and when possible and also interact with expert nutritionists to get and stay fit.

Exercising Tips for White-Collar Professionals

1. Reasons to Workout in the Morning

The best time to workout is in the morning because the body reacts better to muscle growth and repair.

10-Minute Morning Workout

Improved Metabolic Rate – morning workouts regulate metabolism, which helps your body to burn more calories throughout the day

Helps you be Consistent have you ever tried to stick to an exercise regime and fell out of the routine within a few days? Starting your day early with a workout gives you enough time and energy to complete other things through the day and keeps your consistent

More Energy – morning exercise helps you better than coffee since it replenishes your physical and mental energy levels for the whole day as compared to coffee that makes you feel good for a few hours only

2. Work Smart

You do not necessarily have to go for an intensive workout right after getting up. Wake up half an hour earlier, wash your face, and move around. You can start with simple chores like making your bed as well.

Work Smart

Stretching – morning stretches relieve aches, improve posture, and increase blood flow. You can simply do a few basic stretches in your balcony or even in your room. Once you feel a little active, you can head out for a workout session

Short Bodyweight Workout – doing a few jumping jacks or skipping rope for a few minutes will increase your heart rate and get your blood pumping

Go for a Yoga Class – what could be better than Yoga in the morning? You can choose from the best yoga classes in your city with FITPASS to calm your mind and relieve stress

3. Workout at Work

Workout At Work

We know that most jobs require you to work in front of a computer or laptop. The good news is that you can move a little bit and reduce the negative effect. Certain workplaces have gyms and fitness centers. For those who do not have this facility at their disposal, you can do the following:

Take a walk – forget about the elevator and take the stairs. If you’re on the phone, you can walk up and down the stairs until you feel worked out. Go for a walk outside for a few minutes after having lunch

Stretch on your chair – perform a few exercises that help you maintain your posture, which is invariably disturbed by sitting for hours at an end. Look up basic exercises to stretch your back, neck, shoulders, and legs

Play with your colleagues – you can work on your fitness if you work smart. Instead of postponing your tasks till the last minute, finish them at a go and take some time to play with your colleagues during lunchtime. Many offices have foosball tables and other equipment where you can sweat it out

4. Attend Group Workout Classes

Attend Group Workout Classes

It is easy to fall out of workout routines since they become boring after some time. The best way to get motivated is to go for group sessions such as Zumba dance classes, MMA classes, kickboxing classes, swimming, Crossfit training, and others.

Whether you attend a session before leaving for work in the morning or after work, your group mates and you can motivate each other to workout daily. Moreover, group classes are fun as you interact with others and learn something new every day. It allows you to socialize with like-minded people and make new friends as well.

With FITPASS, you can join any workout available at any of the listed gyms up to 1 minute before it begins. Choose your favorite workout routines and get in shape near your home or office whenever you have time with a single membership.

5. Reasons to Workout After Office Hours

Reasons to Workout After Office Hours

We all feel like getting in our pajamas and watching Netflix till we fall asleep but nothing can be unhealthier than that. To say that 3/4th of white-collar professionals feel tired after work and are left without any motivation would not be an exaggeration. But just a 5-minute workout can decrease 65% fatigue.

Stress Relieving – endorphins are released when you workout; they make you feel good and happy. Your focus turns from your mind to your body helping you forget the worries that stress you out

Improved Sleep – working out after work will tire you out completely therefore, deepening your sleep. Sleeping well is essential is to stay mentally and physically active

6. Breathing Exercises

You would be astonished at how many problems can be solved simply by improving your breathing. For the same reason, meditation focuses on it. Once or twice a day, you should sit or stand still, let your body relax, and breathe for a few minutes. This will help you identify the stressed area and relax.

7. Regulate your Diet

Ragulate your diet

Most of us are prone to indulging into stress eating at or after work. Sometimes, while concentrating on a task, you might overeat as well. Without following a proper diet, you cannot rely on exercise to become fitter. The diet regulates bodily functions.

  • Instead of 3 big meals, have 5 small meals during the day. It will help you to keep a check on your weight
  • Make sure that you do not indulge in unhealthy foods more than once or twice a week
  • Seek expert advice and get a diet plan that serves your body well

Don’t give in to unhealthy practices that will bother you later in life. You can be successful even by focusing on your fitness. Start working out today and feel the improvement in your productivity.

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