9 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks You Were Never Aware

9 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks You Were Never Aware

Barkha Sharma 03 May, 2019 Updated on : 23 Nov 2020

Jumping Jacks are no less than fun. As kids, we’ve enjoyed this move a lot. Also, it’s one of the Simplest Cardio Exercises you can learn with ease. If you are looking for an Exercise That Gives You Total-Body Workout, Jumping Jacks are certainly efficient in every manner.

What Are Jumping Jacks?

jumping jacks

Jump Training or Plyometrics is a fusion of resistance work and Aerobic Exercise, of which Jumping Jacks are one of the essential components that work your hip flexors, glutes, heart, quadriceps, lungs, as well as the muscles. 

Call it Jumping Jack or Star Jump, it becomes a go-to Cardio Exercise for those who hate running. Are you also not fond of running, but wish to lose fat? It’s ok! All of us are not meant to be a runner. 
While performing Jumping Jacks, you force your entire body to bring multiple muscles to work in one go. This exercise not only restricts to warm you up or elevate your mood but is a Great Cardio Workout that helps you shed unwanted fat from your body.

How Many Calories You Can Burn With Jumping Jacks?

How Many Calories You Can Burn With Jumping Jacks?

If you weigh 68kg, you can burn about 153 calories with a 30-minute gentle-intensity of Jumping Jacks Workout. 
Similarly, if you weigh 90 kg, you’ll be able to burn nearly 204 calories during a 30-minutes gentle-intensity of Jumping Jacks Workout. 
Well, no wonder you can burn a lot more calories by increasing the intensity of your Jumping Jacks Workout. 
Knowing about Jumping Jacks was not that hard. Now, let’s know How Beneficial Jumping Jacks Are to Us.'

Benefits of Jumping Jacks-

Here Are Unbelievable Health Benefits of Jumping Jacks You Might Not Believe Are Even Possible-

Helps in Weight Loss-

Helps in Weight Loss
As we know Jumping Jacks are Effective Cardio Exercise, they aid in burning the excess calories and weight loss. Include this exercise in your exercise routine as soon as possible, feel your heart racing, and you’ll love to practice it more! 

Keeps your heart hale and hearty-

Keeps your heart hale and hearty

Yes! With this Aerobic Cardio Exercise, your heart rate elevate quickly. So, if you’re boosting your heart rate, you’re definitely doing something really good for your heart. Practice Jumping Jacks to make your heart move in its best zone.
With this exercise, it becomes easier for you to combat various health issues like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular-based diseases as well.

Improves the stamina of body-

Improves the stamina of body

Are you new in the world of working out? Then don’t let yourself get demotivated! Stick to Jumping Jacks and feel your stamina building up while making it easier for yourself to perform daily activities.
Doing more number of reps and increasing the number of sets will surely improve your stamina.

Tones the muscles-

Tones the Muscles

You never want your body to look malnourished or sagged. So, why not tone your muscles with Jumping Jacks and shape your buttocks, thighs, shoulders, calves, and arms at the same time?

Works out for the whole body-

Works out for the whole body

While doing Jumping Jacks, we jump, spread legs apart, take hands above head, land on the floor while bringing back the legs together and hands to sides. Aren’t we involving our entire body in this workout? Nothing can be as better as this exercise to give you a Great Whole Body Workout

Relieves stress

Relieves stress

It’s not a myth! When you do Jumping Jacks, you are moving your hands up and down, resulting in your brain to encourage the release of 'feel-good' hormone- serotonin. 
You also feel the blast of excitement due to the release of adrenalin. Wait not to try Jumping Jacks to feel happier while lowering your stress levels.

Corrects coordination-

Corrects coordination

Jumping Jacks are tailored well to coordinate the actions of your limbs with the jumps. Doing this will assist you to form better coordination between your brain and limbs. 
Swear by Jumping Jacks and you’ll be able to create a good vibe of rhythm, timing, posture, and balance!

Excellent warm-up exercise-

Excellent warm-up exercise

No matter whatever workout routine you follow, warm up is important for all. Restrict not only to stretching, but do Jumping Jacks to rest the muscles in your hips, core, limbs, face, and back. 

Enhances flexibility-

Enhances flexibility

Do you feel lethargic to lead an active lifestyle? Can’t stay hooked to any workout type? Start with Jumping Jacks to Improve Your Flexibility and make your body the best accessory of life.
These were few Awesome Benefits of Jumping Jacks you can get your hands on by including them in your fitness routine. But, being aware of performing them right is also the key to fetch all the Advantages of Jumping Jacks. Keep going!

How to Perform Jumping Jacks-

How to Perform Jumping Jacks

  • Stand up straight
  • Hold your arms at your sides and feet shoulder width apart
  • Jump and extend your arms overhead
  • Extend your legs
  • Land in the starting position
  • Repeat the steps while increasing your speed

Jumping Jacks can be performed in a number of ways. When you excel the Moderate-Intensity Workouts, it’s now time for you to make your Jumping Jacks Workout a little advanced. All you need to do is Try Variations of Jumping Jacks like-

  • Alternating Jumping Jacks
  • Front Clap Jumping Jacks
  • Plank Jacks

If you’re a beginner to Jumping Jacks Exercise, it would be better to start slow, make short repetitions and sets to commence with. Once you get the feeling that you are moving towards improved fitness, you can increase the time invested in doing Jumping Jacks.
While performing any physical workout, there are always Some Safety Tips to Follow. Remember these Tips While Practicing Jumping Jacks-

  • Do Jumping Jacks on an even and flat surface
  • Warm and cool down
  • Wear athletic sneakers
  • Position yourself in proper form
  • Do it faster to make it better
  • Don’t let yourself go through the pain

Jumping Jacks with Group

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