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This Is Why Skipping Rope Is The Best Cardio Ever

This Is Why Skipping Rope Is The Best Cardio Ever

Pushkar Garg 10 August, 2019 Updated on : 22 Sep 2022


As it turns out, the childhood pastime of jumping rope is a great cardio exercise. Sadly, those days of eating anything without having to worry about weight are gone and the tiniest bit of extra food adds inches. Looking back, it seems logical since our days were packed with physical activities. And today, we spend 8-10 hours in a chair and the metabolic rates are no better. However, there is good news - skipping rope burns those extra calories and can help us keep in shape.

Skipping is a type of Aerobic exercise and has more benefits than most other exercises. If aerobics is your jam, join the FITPASS community and get access to hundreds of aerobics classes across your city. Workout anywhere, anytime with a single membership and reach your goals with different activities every day.

Skipping Rope Benefits

It is a scientifically proven fact that jumping rope burns calories and reduces extra fat. Skipping rope qualifies as a full-body workout; it works muscles in the upper as well as lower body. Studies state that high-intensity skipping can help you burn up to 1300 calories per hour, which means that 10-15 minutes of skipping rope equals a 12-15 kilometer run. Pair it with other workouts and sports techniques for faster results.

improve brain function

Well, what could be better than an exercise that tones your body while improving mental functions? Jumping rope is known to improve reading skills, increase memory, improve alertness, and enhance spatial awareness by developing both hemispheres of your brain. Skipping rope involves keeping time, rhythm, coordination and mental strategy – all beneficial exercises for the brain. If you think about it, your brain focuses on calculating the rope’s distance, speed, direction and relative position to your body as you keep timing and rhythm.

good for the bones

Jumping rope is associated with increased bone density. While you need to take a calcium-rich diet, jumping rope for a few minutes each day has better effects on your bones than running and several other activities. For obvious reasons, our bones are not as strong as they used to be at younger ages, keeping the bones strong should be a priority. You don’t need to do much; just skip rope daily.

Any type of cardio is good for the heart and skipping rope is one of the best forms of cardio. It improves the cardiovascular framework that includes veins, arteries, and the heart. The framework facilitates blood circulation and ensures oxygen is transported to every organ of the body. Jumping rope enhances the capacity of this framework and therefore, is good for the heart. Taking note of the shortness of breath you feel during and after jumping rope will help you figure out that your stamina is increasing.

Physical exercise is also associated with lowering inflammation, increase in T-cells, and overall improved immunity. 

good for the skin

Let’s face it – all of us do not have the time or the patience to indulge in beauty routines. Moreover, why go the extra mile if you can simply exercise and keep your skin glowing. Just take out 15 minutes daily and skip rope wherever you can. The intensity of the exercise improves blood circulation in the body, which ensures that the skin receives the required nutrients and therefore, the toxins are flushed out through sweat. This is why athletes and those who exercise regularly have clear skin (barring exceptions).


Have you been fretting over buying expensive equipment to stay in shape? Just buy a skipping rope or there’s a good chance that you already have one tucked in the corners of your home, and get to it. While it works as cardio, it is a legitimate workout as well if you incorporate variations in your routine. Carry your rope anywhere and start working out on a flat surface to be able to keep your footing.

builds balance coordination and agility

The act of jumping rope is not only limited to children and cardio freaks; many martial artists, boxers, tennis players, and athletes include rope jumping in their training routines. Many prominent celebrities skip rope regularly to improve functional movements. Proper footwork avoids the risk of injuring muscles and joints, which in turn improves balance. When you have good balance and control over your body, you witness improved coordination and agility.

Skipping Rope

Fixed schedules become boring over time and affect your motivation. Therefore, you need to be involved in fun activities to ensure that you don’t give up on your routine. Consistency is everything and ought to be able to stick to a schedule for good results.  

One of the best things about skipping is that all you need is a rope and even ground. It gets you out of the confines of walls and brings an end to staring at walls. Its variations are endless; learn how to do crisscrosses, double unders, and side swings. Each variation challenges you to do better and add to your list of skills.

Jumping rope need not only be done alone; get a partner and indulge in challenges. It will encourage you to do better while building mental and physical strength. You can search for variations and take up 30-days skipping challenge to reach your fitness goals faster.

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