Stay-at-Home Workout Tips For Rainy Days

Stay-at-Home Workout Tips For Rainy Days

FITPASS Editorial Team21 August, 2019Updated on : 17 Jan 2024


On a list of excuses to skip working out, a rainy day will top it without any contention. But that won’t do, will it? Only those who workout consistently achieve their goals; it takes getting out of your comfort zone even on the most difficult days.

On such days, what you need are options to choose from. How about a membership that allows you to choose from hundreds of workout routines at several gyms across your city? FITPASS gives you the flexibility to choose from over 1,00,000 workout options whenever, wherever. 

At-Home Exercises for a Rainy Day

The humidity allows you to sweat more, therefore burning more calories. You can workout at home as follows:

Cardio Workout

No workout is complete without cardio; it gets you warmed up and gets your heart pumping. You don’t necessarily have to go running on a track or a treadmill; you can simply do stationary jogging for 10-15 minutes in your room, living room, or the driveway.  

For intensive cardio, run up and down a flight of stairs 15-20 times that will get your heart racing and tone your lower extremities. Nonetheless, ensure that you do it carefully without hurting yourself or your family members.

One of the best ways to do a cardio workout is skipping rope. Go to a spacious room or the terrace and skip rope for 20-30 minutes, which will equal a long run workout.

Core Workout

All you need is a yoga mat and you can build a strong core. With a mix of several variations of planks and other exercises, you’re on your way to fitness

  1. Plank
  2. Push-ups
  3. Plank Tap
  4. Lateral Plank Walk
  5. Boat Pose
  6. Diamond Push-ups
  7. Plank to Downward
  8. Butterfly Sit-up
  9. Dead Bug
  10. Side Bend

These are but a tiny fraction of core exercises you can choose from. Just look up the ‘best core exercises for me’ on Google and get to it right away.

Chest and Arm Workout

As it turns out, a lot of chest and arm workouts are similar to core exercises.

  1. Regular Push-ups
  2. Triceps Dips
  3. Plank Row Extensions (both sides)
  4. Chest Press
  5. Shoulder Push-ups
  6. Triceps Push-ups
  7. Side Push-ups
  8. Arm Circles
  9. Commandos

You can do 4-5 exercises as per your abilities. Do remember to do cool down exercises such as shoulder stretch, chest opener, and triceps stretch in the end.

Lower Body Workouts

Skipping legs workout is one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make. A pair of strong legs is necessary to support a strong upper body.

You don’t need heavy-duty machines to work your lower-body muscles. You can perform a set of bodyweight exercises to burn fat in your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and inner thighs. What’s more, is that you can perform these exercises just about anytime and anywhere.

  1. Squats
  2. Plie Squat Calf Raises
  3. Reverse Lunges with Knee Lifts
  4. High Knee Toe Tops
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Calf Raises (Single-leg)
  7. Curtsy Lunges
  8. Side Lunges
  9. Side Leg Raises
  10. Pistol Squats
  11. Glute Bridges (Single-leg)

If you’re particular about certain body parts, you should divide these exercises as per those body parts and perform them in succession.

Swimming Classes

Swimming is a complete workout that works muscles throughout your body. Going for a swim during a rainy day is not a bad idea if you don’t feel like hitting the gym or going to the park. However, make sure that you book a swimming session at one of the covered swimming pools because the open ones would be closed on account of the rain.

We all have pending household chores that we just keep postponing. What if you can hit two marks with one stone? You can burn calories simply by cleaning and organizing your home.

Clean your kitchen – get rid of expired stuff and reorganize the shelves to make cooking easy for yourself. Remove unhealthy items and add more healthy items to inculcate healthy eating habits. After all, a healthy diet is as important as exercise, if not more.

Wash your car – cars get particularly dirty during monsoons. Leaves and dirt don’t only affect its appearance, but functionality as well. Don’t want to go for a morning run? That’s fine; just clean your car inside out. You’ll burn calories and feel good while traveling.

Vacuum your room(s) – a windstorm before or after rains leaves the indoors and furniture dirty. Move your couches, desks, beds, and dressers around to extend your lats and work your triceps. Assume proper squat position while vacuuming the bottom of the furniture or vacuuming the carpets.

You can do just about anything to make your home look more urbane that will help you burn extra calories. Work hard and achieve your goals regardless.

I will get wet – Of course, you will but that won’t do you any harm. Put your phone in a zip lock pouch, put on a waterproof jacket and leave for the gym or fitness center. If you like running very much, then you should invest in a pair of waterproof headphones.

I might catch a cold – You won’t if you maintain a Vitamin-C rich diet that keeps your immune system working well. If you get wet while working out or otherwise, first take off the wet clothes, take a warm bath, and have some tea to heat up your body. The best thing is to keep dry clothes in your bag. Never forget a towel and socks.

I just don’t want to work out in the rain – Even though rains are an excuse for some to go out and enjoy the weather, you might not like it at all. That’s fine. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot work out at all. You can go for a gym workout, spinning classes or just about anything in a roofed gym. Try those classes you have wanted to attend for a while – pilates, HIIT, aerobics and cardio, yoga, Zumba, and others.

I might get caught in a traffic jam – You have a phone and it shows the weather forecast that is usually on point; check it before scheduling a workout session. If you’re driving, take streets that you know are usually traffic-free. With FITPASS, you can book a session near your place any time during the day and workout even if the rains get heavy.

Don’t let excuses affect your workout regime!

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