How Skipping Breakfast Is Harmful For Your Health

How Skipping Breakfast Is Harmful For Your Health

Rukmani Anand 12 July, 2018 Updated on : 22 Mar 2023

Breakfast can be called as the foundation of a good day. A good breakfast will keep you energetic throughout the day with increased satiety levels whereas, a day without breakfast will make you irritable and groggy with food just in your mind. Apart from this, it negatively affects the body by putting it in starvation mode, more muscles break down and slow metabolism.

Breakfast is the first meal of our day and it breaks the fast we've undergone through the long hours of the night. The problem with breakfast is that so many people are in a hurry and breakfast is the first thing they throw out the door when they are running short on time.

Here’s why skipping breakfast is so harmful to your health:

Cognitive Function –

Cognitive Function FITPASS

Many types of research have shown a positive impact of having breakfast with improved concentration. Not having breakfast further drops down the glucose levels due to long fasted hours, the fasting state affects the cognitive function, as there is no supply of adequate nutrients to brain for proper functioning.  Studies show that those who start their day with breakfast have bettered visual accuracy.

Mood and Energy Levels –

Mood and Energy Levels FITPASS

Energy levels drop down significantly without breakfast, and for the obvious reason – there is no steady supply of nutrients to the body. Experts say breakfast should provide 25% of your entire day’s energy requirement.

Slower Metabolism –

Slower Metabolism FITPASS

Skipping meals puts the body into the starvation body and conserves the fuel for later. This means that your body doesn’t use the fuels for energy and keeps them stored as fats for future use when the same situation of starvation occurs again. It is obvious that the metabolism will slow down, and weight gain will start to occur. You need breakfast to give your metabolism a jump-start. It is the first meal of the day you are feeding your body with, after its rest for about 12 hours.

Risk of Diabetes –

Risk of Diabetes FITPASS

Diabetes is a result of impaired insulin levels. If you don't overeat at lunch and dinner after skipping breakfast, skipping the first meal of the day can cause major damage to the beta cell function.  It is important for people with type 2 diabetes to eat breakfast. It should be a balanced meal consisting of a reasonable ratio of lean protein, carbs and, fat.

Regularly skipping breakfast can make you more susceptible to weight gain and increase your risk for heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and, diabetes. Make a healthy habit of having a healthy breakfast for optimum functioning of your body.