Expert Nutritionist Advice on Fast and Healthy Grocery Shopping
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Expert Nutritionist Advice on Fast and Healthy Grocery Shopping
Published on: 22th Feb,2018
Last Updated on: 17th May,2024

 Good nutrition and eating healthy is simpler if you have the right ingredients.  A healthy diet is based on the food choices you make in the supermarket. However, grocery shopping can be a daunting task, simply because you are spoiled for choices.

You have the power to decide which food and drinks to buy at the grocery store.  Making healthy food choices at the time of buying is the key to a well-balanced diet. However, the problem arises when you don’t know where to start and what the healthy options are, or you might be buying healthy food choices according to you, but they are not actually offering the nutrition as they claim on their packaging.

Here are few points to keep in mind, which will change the way; you shop for your groceries:

  • Plan

Planning your grocery list is the key to success. It gives you a clear vision of the items you need to buy. This also helps in unnecessary expenditure on unhealthy food and drinks and running back to the store to purchase the items you might have missed. List the items according to the ingredients you need to prepare your meals for the week.

Nutritionist Plan

  • Don’t go hungry

Never go hungry for grocery shopping as it will increase the rate of impulse purchase you do at the time. Be organized and planned and don’t rely on craving to fill your cart.

  • Read the labels

Avoid packaged products as much as you can. But if you really need to buy packaged food, read the ingredients carefully. The products you purchase should not include added sugar, GMO, trans fats, saturated fats, or MSG. All these ingredients are the real culprits to many cardiovascular diseases.

Read Label in Grocery Shopping

  • Fill the cart right

Follow the “Food guide pyramid” introduced by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). According to this pyramid, your cart should have 5-6 servings of vegetables, 3-4 servings of fruits, 3-4 servings of whole grains, 2-3 servings of dairy, and some essential dairy products for your day. By following this pyramid, you will fill your cart according to your needs.

  • Avoid rush hour

Grocery shopping during rush hour means empty stalls, long queues, and standing in front of the soda and candy aisles which will tempt you into buying them.

Avoid Rush Hours in Grocery Shopping

  • Love for dessert

Desserts should be bought scarcely. If you do want to buy desserts, pick the smallest quantity box and choose low-fat and low-sugar options. Remember desserts are for occasions and should not to be eaten regularly.

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