Is Dieting Good Or Bad For Your Health?

Is Dieting Good Or Bad For Your Health?

FITPASS Editorial Team06 September, 2017Updated on : 20 Jan 2020

Are you familiar with the word dieting? We often had gone through some people who frequently say that I am on dieting. What exactly means dieting? Is dieting harmful or good for our body?


Dieting, a practice of eating food in a supervised manner mainly to decrease, maintain or increase body weight. Dieting mainly depends on the control or restriction of the diet. Sometimes it is a combination of physical exercise to reduce your body weight.


But it doesn’t mean that you are following dieting so you can eliminate all types of foods without knowing a perfect dieting plan.  Because dieting simply means that you can control your food intake. Diet is all about avoiding extra food intake.


Here are some guidelines while you start a track for dieting:


  • Buy a weigh-scale and start monitoring your body weight every day at the same time. Do not set yourself any weight loss goals, simply monitor your weight.




  • Whenever you serve yourself any food, leave behind the last spoonful of food, the last sip of the drink, the last piece of toast, the last bit of food on the plate. Most children are taught not to waste any food, but leaving behind a small portion of the plate requires mental discipline, and you will automatically start cutting back on how much you serve yourself after you anguish over wasting food at every single mealtime.


choose healthy food



  • Observe and note down how much of each type of food/drink you serve yourself. Always measure food by spoonfuls, and make a mental note of how much food you serve yourself. Monitoring the food portions brings awareness, and eventually will lead you to portion control.


diet fruit


  • Eliminate fruit drinks and sugary beverages /soda from your intake, and replace it with water. If plain water is not to your taste, get carbonated water or squeeze a lemon half into the water to improve the taste.


fruit drinks


  • No snacks, period. Even almonds, raisins and veggies add calories to your daily food intake. If you are famished, drink a glass of water, and wait for your next meal.





  • If you can afford it, join a gym located less than half a mile of your home, and walk to it and back every day, even if you don’t do one damn thing once you get inside the gym. Eventually, you want to exercise inside the gym as well, simply to prevent your gym fees from going to waste.





Healthy and eating the right foods along with some workouts are the main key point while the following dieting.


But healthy eating isn't mean about eating or not eating specific foods. It's about getting the right amount of nutrients over the course of many meals and you can do that with a lot of different kinds foods with different taste. In fact, the more choices you have, the better you will get the result.


Foods to eat:



  • High nutrient food found in vegetables and fruit. Leafy greens are perfect for diets as they have lots of nutrients and are very low calorie.


  • High-quality protein food such as wild fish, pasture fed beef, chicken, etc.


  • Healthy fats found in nuts and seeds, avocados are most suitable for you while you are on dieting.


Do not eat:


  • Don’t ever go for sugar as this includes honey, maple syrup, fruit juices. You shouldn’t be eating packaged foods.


  • No refined carbs no any flour based products like bread, pitas, crackers, chips, cookies, cereals, etc.


  • No unhealthy fats


  • Not too much of any food group (fats, proteins, carbs) unless you are on dieting. These diets are very specific, they will transform your body. So make sure you know what you're doing if you plan to try one.


The best kind of diet is one with lots of variety and no more calories than you really need. As all foods are good which have low calories and have more fibers, minerals, vitamins & protein. It will be good for a healthy dieting. But please take care that if you are gaining weight then obviously you have eaten more than you needed.


Some dieting food you can follow:



  • Fruits like apple, orange, banana, pineapple, and papaya.





  • You can take green leafy vegetables. It contains more nutritional power.



green leafy vegetables


  • You can eat salad





  • Drink plenty of water






junk food


This all is good dieting food which will help you to reduce your weight and have a healthy & happy life.



There are many simple lifestyle and eating habits that can help you lose weight, and improve your body shape through dieting.Some of which have nothing to do with conventional diet or exercise plans. So next time when you feel confused as to what you should eat to achieve your goal is just to follow the right diet and pick one goal and stick with it. Train for that goal, supplement for that goal and don't forget to eat for that goal.