6 Cheat Meals To Rock Your Cheat Day

6 Meals To Rock Your Cheat Day.

Mayank Gaba
Jul 5, 2017
Updated On Dec 12, 2018 11:35

You have been doing kickass routines in your gym throughout the week. After a week of tremendous sweating and body toning, who would not like to have a cheat day? A day where you can eat whatever you were running away from on your treadmill since the last few days. This is your chance, this is your cheat day!


But before you head out to some fancy restaurant, it’s better to have a game plan in mind. Order the wrong dish, and your cheat meal can ruin your cheat day. We have round up, 6 cheat meal favourites you must have on your cheat day.

The obvious – Butter Chicken with Butter Naan


The obvious – Butter Chicken with Butter Naan


You were expecting this one to pop up, weren’t you? Well, Butter chicken is one of the most lovable dish available in our country. And that too with butter naan is probably the best thing I can imagine after a week of hardcore workout.


Fret not Vegetarians! Your Shahi Paneer is waiting for you...Feast on!!


A Cheeseburger


A Cheeseburger


I understand the pain of watching your friends, who hardly workout, stuff up a cheeseburger in their mouth and drip out those sauces on purpose in order to fire up your desires. But it is cheat day today mate, so hop in your pants and show your friends that you too can have a juicy cheese burger all by yourself. And if someone asks you to share? Well, you have our permission to shoot them (I am being sarcastic, alright?)






Well, obviously! No cheat day can go successful without having a pizza full of cheese and your choice of toppings. Pizza has always been the best cheat day meal ever. The cheese, the crust and the exclusive toppings, *sings stairway to heaven*. Ordering one for myself right away!


Also, do not forget to pair it along with a beer.






Just because a Doughnut is in a round shape, it is not necessary that it will turn you round too. A doughnut can be considered as a perfect cheat day snack. Also, all round shaped things are good.







The perfect cure for your sweet tooth on a cheat day, well almost every day but there are priorities, right? Like your health and fitness, maybe diabetes? You’re not considered to be a true fitness enthusiast if you don’t end your cheat day with a cake stuffed in your mouth. The perfect dessert ever invented.


Go, get it Tiger!


Go and Have Anything


Go and Have Anything


You call it a "cheat day" for a reason. Whatever the suggestions might be, you’re absolutely independent to eat anything you want to on a cheat day, other than poison obviously. You want to head over to a fancy Chinese restaurant or maybe a cliche fast food chain? Just go wherever you want to, make your cheat day valuable. Worth all the sweat and hard work you’ve been spending on your workout routines through the week.


So, put on your favorite sneakers and march towards your dearest food outlet. Put your gym motivation aside for a day and lick off everything on your plate. Happy Cheat Day to you.


Also, be prepared to do some extra crunches tomorrow!


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