Cheat Meal Rules

Cheat Meal Rules

Sanjana Kaushik 13 January, 2016 Updated on : 07 Dec 2017

Diets are so hard to follow! 
So this time I am going to be teaching you how to cheat. Funny?
You’re going to be surprised how easy your life is once you know how to cheat better on your diet.

And trust me, cheat meals will help you reach your goals by increasing metabolism. Just don’t go crazy on them!

This article will help my fellow fitpass enthusiasts to maintain their diets and still indulge in an occasional treat.

Here are 6 rules to help you cheat better:

1.) Reward yourself

Work hard in the gym. Be true to your diet plan for 6 days so that you can reward yourself a cheat meal at the end of the week. A good thumb rule to follow is 1 cheat meal for 30 healthy meals you follow.


2.) Plan when to cheat

It is a good idea to figure out which day you want to cheat on. If there is an upcoming birthday in the week, or a wedding party, then it is best to cheat on that day. Plan your meals ahead of and after that day. 


3.) Cheat MEAL not Cheat DAY

Remember that is a cheat meal, not a hog fest. Don’t stretch your meal out to your entire day. That pizza should not reach your fridge. Once you get off your chair, your cheat meal is over.

4.) Cheat on the day you exercise

Having a cheat meal on the day you exercise will allow you to burn all that you ate in the gym. It’s a good option if the guilt kicks in.


5.) Include a protein source

Even if it is a cheat meal, it is a good choice to include a healthy protein source in your meal. Start with eating your protein first to reduce the increase in blood sugar that occurs after consuming carbohydrates.

6.) Make better cheat choices

Be smart about the meal you choose. Try to avoid foods which are processed, artificially flavoured and contain trans fats. These are harder to burn and contain empty calories.


These 6 simple cheat rules will help you sustain your diet longer by feeding to your temptations every once a while.

And every time you do, don’t forget to Get.Set.Sweat.