9 Types Of People You Spot In A Gym

9 Types Of People You Spot In A Gym

Mayank Gaba 02 August, 2017 Updated on : 15 Mar 2022

No matter how many gyms and fitness studios you might have switched so far, there’s always a person in your gym who possesses a unique personality. These personalities can either be entertaining or completely annoying depending upon their nature.

We have curated a list of 9 different types of people with unique personalities that you will most likely spot in a regular Indian gym.

Punch me in the face if you don’t!

The Scream Machine:



The person whose sole purpose in its life is to scream after finishing every rep of a set. I mean you can even hear this person screaming while working out, two blocks away from the gym, literally! He is so used to screaming that he cannot even open his shaker without shouting.


Can someone please put a tape on that mouth?



The Innovator



Don’t tell me that you have never seen this person in your gym. The one person who never fails to surprise you, in fact shock you with his out of the world workout routines. The kind of workouts, no one has ever seen, done or even heard of. Also, this person will not fail to describe the so unique benefits of his so unique nonexistent workout routines to you and you will fall for his stupidity.



The “I know it All” Guy



Well, he knows it all, at least he pretends to. The guy who will visit you every second and shout right at the focus of your eardrums- “THAT ISN’T HOW YOU DO IT”. Then he will try to teach you the correct method, which to your surprising realisation, will be same as the previous one. This guy will also hand you over a pile of different diet charts, which even he has never tried to follow religiously. 


Sir, will you please move your useless head aside? I have got a personal trainer to guide me.



The Self Obsessed



The one who continuously checks himself out in the mirror every single minute. Who likes to focus more on his jawline than his biceps he has been losing all that sweat for. You don’t even need to give him a reason to flex, just a mirror will do.




The Sloth



The most irregular and laziest individual in the gym. The person who takes a break of at least 5 minutes in between every set instead of the 30 second break advised by the trainer. This guy is even slower than a Tortoise running on a treadmill.


At this rate, he won’t even reach the F of his Fitness goal.



The One who is always on the Phone



This person literally cannot live without its phone. S(he) is so talented that it can even fake text a person while making it look real. People like these just want to show the world how busy they are, or they can pretend to be. And if they fail to find someone to talk to- they get on call with a random customer care executive and start sharing their life mishappenings with them.


And I am the one, who is falling into an existential crisis.



The Gossip Bag



This person knows almost every other person in your gym. Who is like a gossip bank and knows everything about everyone. S(he) will approach you even if (s)he doesn’t know you and will puke about almost every single word of a discussion that has been running around in the gym.


Sometimes, you can even notice this person talking to itself.



The Pervert



Creep alert!


This Boi literally has his eyes on you! He will come to the gym every freakin day. In fact, he is more regular than your personal trainer. The only exercise he does at the gym is almost similar to the one done by your 60-year-old pedophile neighbor. You can try all you can, but you can never escape his radar. Afterall, he has been given the tag of a pervert for a reason, you’ve got no chance.




The Inspiring One.



The person who has a better physique than what your gym trainer dreams of every night. This is the person who you usually look up to and like to follow religiously. Not only his physique, but his motivation and his dedication inspires you in a way even Gary Vaynerchuk cannot. This guy has achieved everything so far with his own sweat and this is what has made him so inspiring.

So, this was our list of the different types of people you spot in an Indian gym. If you know someone unique, who belongs to this list then do tag them in the comments section below.


Also, if you have ever met a personality that has not made into this list but deserves a cut then do drop in the suggestions below.

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