5 Summer Workouts To Get In Shape

5 Summer Workouts To Get In Shape
Sanjana Kaushik
May 31, 2016
Updated On Dec 7, 2017 15:46

Delhi is hotter than ever, and summer has taken everyone by surprise. 
With temperatures rising in the capital, we are here to help you kick it up a notch with your fitness.
We round up 5 workouts which you should go for this summer.


  1. Crush Cardio
    Push yourself to the limit with Crush Cardio. Workout to the tune of selected Crush Cardio tracks which will pump you up and get you going. The 60 minute workout will build strength and make you lose fat fast. Tone up this summer with this full body workout!

  2. Yoga
    Give Yoga a chance this summer. The calm and peace of Yoga classes will freshen you up and keep you coming back. Yoga increases flexibility as well as muscle strength and is a great way to stay in shape. Remember to take it easy with your first Yoga session

  3. Pilates
    Talk about intensity, and Pilates classes is right at the top. It will make your core burn and leave your muscles sore. Pilates is the best workout to build your core. It improves your posture and balance. Build stronger, leaner muscle and move a step closer to ripped abs. 

  4. Crossfit
    Build strength with functionality through this power-packed workout. With Crossfit as with other things, working hard is the only key to success. The workout pushes you to keep going, which builds great mental strength. The kind you need to survive the brutal Delhi heat!

  5. Kickboxing
    It’s time to kick those calories away. Kickboxing, being a total-body workout increases both stamina and strength. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise. Taking a Kickboxing classes this summer will not disappoint.


Turn the heat up this summer with these workouts. Don’t let the heat hold you back!
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