6 Threats For Delhi's Fitfam This Summer

6 Threats For Delhi's Fitfam This Summer

Vrinda Bhagat 18 May, 2017 Updated on : 03 Aug 2022


Summers, the deadliest of monsters, is now in full action. Disrupting our lives in every possible way. Most hard hit of which is usually our fitness regime. Summers make sweating it out at the gym even more frustrating. The heat makes the 'perfect body' goal seem like a looming mirage in the distance.

And our own little struggles at the gym just add on to the misery.

If you've hit the gym before, you'll understand these real-life struggles that we all go through:


1.Tie my hair or Untie my hair – I don’t know yet


Tough choice! And it’s got nothing to do with a good hair day either. Killing that set is important, but so is that workout selfie.



2.Woke up an hour late! Oh No, now the sun will burn me


It takes one snooze to go from sun kissed to sun burnt. Can’t risk burning my skin to burn my calories.



3.Sweaty Pants and Smelly Cat – that’s so me


The trickle-down tickle is surely not the best feeling ever! The order of my odour is the best turn off ever!




4.Dehydration – it is never ending


I think it’s about time I carry a mini refrigerator with me!



5.Diet! Wait, what?


I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream. It is always a part of my plan.



6.It is the perfect energy drainer


Was I always this lazy? Too tired to give it much thought!



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