Summer Body Madness - What's All The Fuss About?

Summer Body Madness - What's All The Fuss About?

FITPASS Editorial Team16 May, 2017Updated on : 17 Nov 2022

What’s common between going on a vacation in Goa and going on a vacation in Thailand? What’s common between shopping for the next trippy holiday and shopping for the next cousin’s wedding?

There’s a simple answer to all these questions in your mind – The Summer Body Madness! That is all we are inclined towards, dreaming about and aspiring to achieve.

So, what is the fuss all about? A ripped six pack abs, or tough arms & thighs, or simply a flexible spine (which I am sure it is!). Whatever your goal may be, this list of workouts will help you out.


1.TRX Circuit

This Total Body Circuit, is a suspension workout, which primarily strengthens your core muscles, and increases your basic strength. Beat the flab & move towards stronger abs.




Riding on two wheels never goes out of style. Only this time, do it with some of your favourite beats and feel the pump in your thighs. As you put your bums on the saddle, ride faster than you can and feel your heart rate touching an all-time high.


3.Body Pump

While some may loath weight training, this is effective not only to tone the extra fat on your upper arms but even strengthening it. To work your core at the same time add Pilates to the mix!




4.HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Looking for an advanced combination of cardiovascular and abdominal workout? The HIIT workout helps you burn fat fast. Added benefit, it highly improves your cardiovascular strength. So, you last longer and stronger, no hassle.




5.Hatha Yoga

While you put your body through an excessively rigorous workout, it is equally important you give it the adequate relaxation it needs. The best way to relax is to follow up with a fulfilling session of classical hatha yoga. This will help you stretch, twist and bend your spine making you stronger and flexible.



So, there you have it. You cannot miss these as you chalk out your workout regime, and you get them all with FITPASS.

Get, Set, Sweat for the body you always wanted!