5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

5 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Sanjana Kaushik 07 March, 2016 Updated on : 02 Sep 2021

If you are thinking that weight training will bulk you up, you have to change this mindset today.

Women’s testosterone levels are much lower than men which are necessary to built up a bulky physique. The only way you can built up muscles like men is when you are supplementing yourself with hormones.


Here Are Some Reasons Why Women Should Include Weight Training In Their Workout Routine

1. Effective Weight Loss


Effective Weight Loss


Resistance training always burns more fat than the cardio. Your body tends to absorb more oxygen after the strength training and when the body absorbs more oxygen it needs more calories expenditure which results in better fat loss. The more muscle you have the more you burn fat even at rest.


2. Improved Heart Health


Improved Heart Health


Moderate-intensity resistance exercise helps to reduce heart diseases and helps in balancing the blood pressure and diabetes. It increases the circulation of blood in the body which therefore improves body’s functional capacity.


3. Improved Muscle and Bone Strength


Improved Muscle and Bone Strength


Women have a higher rate of fracturing bones than men. Weight lifting improves bone density.  Now is the time ladies, hit the gyms, use cables or dumbbells or lift any of the weights. Every time you go for training, the body not only strengthens the muscles but also the bones. Lift to increase muscle strength, bone density and be strong. It also cures the limb and back pains.

4. Increase in Energy and Confidence


Increase in Energy and Confidence


Lifting weights make the muscle movements stronger and increase your endurance. You don’t have to wait for someone to help you out in carrying shopping bags or in moving house furniture and when you are able to be independent, your confidence level increases naturally.

Weight training challenges you in every step to do things you try to resist. Your confidence level boosts whenever you complete the challenge. It is a great platform to push yourself and cross the boundaries.


5. Stress Relief and Quality Sleep


Stress Relief and Quality Sleep


And now when you have a healthy heart, strong muscles and lots of energy and confidence, you are naturally able to deal with the stress better. If you are strong from outside then you are strong from inside too.

Moreover, if you are able to manage your emotions and fight stress, you get the best sleep.

Change the myth with the fact to help yourself in all aspects of life. Get those curves and tone your body.

Lift weights to look good, confident and be healthier and stronger.