8 Tips For Your First Yoga Class

8 Tips For Your First Yoga Class

Sanjana Kaushik 21 December, 2015 Updated on : 09 Aug 2022

First day at yoga class is an exciting prospect for any newbie. And if you’re a bit nervy and overwhelmed on your first day then don’t worry.

We are here to guide you through your first day at yoga and ensure you get comfortable and have fun.  

1. Dress Comfortably

Dress Comfortably

Before going for your first class, make sure your you choose the right outfit. Not too tight, yet not too loose. Tight clothes make it hard to breathe and stretch, while clothes that are too loose expose skin.

2. Avoid binge eating before class

Avoid binge eating before class

Space your meal and class at least 2 hours apart. 3 hours is ideal, and if need be, have a small amount of easily digestible snack half hour before class. Fruits and nuts would do.

3. Arrive early

Arrive early

Arrive early to the class and stretch, get comfortable. Find a spot of your liking. It’s important for your body and mind to be comfortable to enjoy Yoga.

4. Interact with the instructor

Interact with the instructor

Have a chat with the instructor prior to the yoga class; let him/her know about any injuries or problems you may have. This is important for an injury free Yoga session.

5. Accept that you’re a newbie

Accept that you’re a newbie

Don’t feel disheartened when you see the professionals executing asanas with perfection. It’s your first day-use it as an inspiration and take help from them!

6. Take it easy on your body

Take it easy on your body

Try to follow the class as much as you can, but don’t push your body beyond the limit. Avoid over-stretching your muscles.



Don’t focus too much on executing those asanas perfectly. Just breathe in and out through your nose. Breathing right is an important aspect of yoga. Breathe wrong, and your asana may not be as effective!

8. Relax and let go

Relax and let go

It is important to let go and relax through your Yoga session. This will help relieve stress and tension from your body.

Follow these tips and not only will you be satisfied with the outcome, you will definitely come back for more.

So, don’t care about what the person next to you might be thinking about you. Just relax and do your thing. After all, practice makes one perfect.

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