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Everything You Need To Know About Your Supplements

Everything You Need To Know About Your Supplements

Rukmani Anand 04 May, 2018 Updated on : 17 Dec 2018

Supplements the essential ingredients which complement your dietary needs on a regular basis to keep you healthy and fit. They either serve as assistance to your dietary concerns or simply turn as a waste of money. Moreover, choosing the right kind of supplement is essential considering the various brands and their unique claims. You should look at your diet extensively for deficiencies before stepping ahead choosing your supplements.

You don't necessarily need to take a supplement if you're perfectly healthy, just like you wouldn't take a medicine if you didn't have any health issues. Having said that, a sedentary lifestyle with the inclusion of stress, alcohol and packed food leads to many basic deficiencies.

Take a look at these supplements, which can benefit your sedentary lifestyle:

dietary supplement

  • Protein

Protein has always gathered the spotlight due to its numerous benefits. Some might argue that you can easily increase your protein intake by modifying the foods you eat daily. Being a carbohydrate driven country where our staple food is grains, it gets difficult to meet protein requirement. Supplementing with a whey protein can surely benefit in terms of increasing muscle mass, feeling satiated and staying active.

Moreover, protein is important for everyone, as it is one of the macro's body needs irrespective of gender and age. The best time to take protein is after a workout, early morning or before going to bed.

Vitamin Supplement

  • Fish Oils

Inside your cells, you have a balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Most people’s diets are heavy in omega-6 fatty acids because of the availability of cheap vegetable oil, which throws the balance off. A great source for omega-3 fatty acids is fatty fish, as eating fish daily seems a little difficult. Therefore, supplementing it directly with fish oil itself can improve your overall health.

The most noticeable results from fish oil supplementation include benefits for severe depression, joint pain reduction, and a powerful triglyceride reducing the effect. The best time to take your omegas is with food as it is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D

Most people do not get the minimum amount of vitamin D. Its supplementation can improve mood and provide long-term protection against cognitive decline and bone deterioration. Many studies have shown that most people are not in the optimal range for vitamin D as the sources are scarce naturally. The best source of vitamin D is sun but people do not get enough of it due to numerous reasons. Being a fat-soluble vitamin, it is best to be taken with the largest meal of the day.

In many cases, supplements can be a smart and safe way to add nutrition and a variety of health benefits to your lifestyle. The supplements you choose should go through a rigorous quality control process and offer guarantees of potency and purity to protect your health.