Cardio Types: Which One is Best for You?
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Cardio Types: Which One is Best for You?
Published on: 12th Apr,2023
Last Updated on: 18th Jan,2024

Cardio is a well-known and popular form of exercise that works on the body’s cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood and blood vessels. When you perform a cardio workout, your heart pumps faster, blood moves quickly through your blood vessels and your breathing rate also increases. Cardio exercises improve the heart’s efficiency and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Cardio Types

There are many different types of cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling, dancing etc that you can practise based on your fitness goals and preferences. Find out what are the varied types of cardio workouts you can practise and which one might be most suitable for your fitness goals.

Cycling is a great cardio and aerobic exercise because it makes your heart go faster as you pedal away. It’s an amazing exercise if you want to burn calories. It also works up your leg and arm muscles, making them leaner and improving their strength.

One of the biggest advantages of cycling is that it’s a low-impact exercise. Your joints are not subjected to undue stresses and hence it is a suitable workout for all age groups. There are many ways you can practise cycling. You can bike on the road or in parks. If you do not own a bike, you can use a stationary gym bike, which will give you the same benefits.

Running is one of the simplest forms of cardiovascular exercise. If you want to perform cardio but do not want any special equipment, then you can simply head out of your home and run. Your cardio needs will be taken care of. Running works up the cardiovascular system and makes it more efficient. Your leg muscles and glutes get a good workout and you may also get great weight loss results by running. You can either jog at a brisk pace or run at full tilt depending on how intense you want your cardio exercise to be.

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises that not only burns a lot of calories but is also quite fun to do in summer. Like cycling, it is also a low-impact exercise because there are no high-impact forces exerted when you’re in the water. It is a full-body exercise and hence it helps in fat loss throughout your body.

You can choose to perform swimming strokes depending on your level of intensity. Butterfly strokes may be the most intense, whereas breaststroke and backstroke are considered less intense.

HIITs are high-intensity workouts that are performed in a short time and are followed by periods of rest or low-intensity exercises. For example, HIIT may consist of 2-4 minutes of intense burpees, followed by the same amount of rest and then a repeat of 2-4 minutes of burpees.

HIITs are usually bodyweight exercises that are aimed at achieving maximum results in a short time. Besides burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squat jumps and other similar exercises in HIIT. 

Brisk walking can also be considered a form of low-intensity cardio workout. As you walk for longer, your heart starts pumping blood faster. It is the simplest form of cardio that can be done anytime and anywhere. Walking comes in handy when you’ve remained inactive for too long and want to start with minimal movement.

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