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7 Workouts That Tell Us Fitness Is Fun

7 Workouts That Tell Us Fitness Is Fun

Vrinda Bhagat 15 May, 2017 Updated on : 07 Dec 2017

Procrastination, the mother of laziness. Boredom is the root cause and lethargy is its biggest side effect. I wonder, how would life be, if we could go on sitting on the bed forever, dreaming of getting fit and in the click of our fingers we were fitter not fatter.

If my thoughts resonate with yours, if the feelings are mutual and if you are still escaping the boredom that comes from cliché workouts, then it’s time you look out for innovative, out of the box and creative workouts that you would enjoy.

Here are a few fun-filled workouts that you must try that are suited for your fitness goals.


1. Zumba


Zumba, the most popular fitness party in town, lets you lose yourself to a world of dance and music. If you enjoy rhythmic moves to rhythmic beats, then this is your way of shedding those extra kilos. So, leave that couch and hit the dance floor ASAP!  


2. Play Floor


Remember those childhood fun activities that we could never get enough of? Well, Play Floor is just the elder version of that. Two teams, getting into play mode, just that not competing against each other. A mix of forward lunges, skip jumps, lateral running and some partner walking push ups to remind you of group activities and challenging your mind simultaneously. Try this, if you are looking forward to getting back to your younger self.



3. Masala Bhangra


It’s hard to live in Delhi and miss a Punjabi Wedding. The insanity that entails each event and the overnight dance marathons are a real blast. Don’t they seem like the happiest family workouts ever?
Hit a Masala Bhangra session, and we promise the same intensity and fun with a kick to your worries and stress.



4. Boot Camp


They say, fitness works better with group energies. You have to be a sport to enjoy this high-energy work out. Boot Camp is where you come along with your friends, explore your wild and the warrior spirit and go back with a lot of memories.



5. Rock Climbing


This workout is fun for those who are goal setters and go getters. If adventure is your idea of fun, then you can challenge yourself to push your limits, both physically and mentally and see the new you.



6. Mixed Martial Arts


New on the workout radar, this is a combination of self-defence and body combat. A superior cardio fitness training, it is based on the uber-cool philosophy, “Know Your Moves”. Hugely popular with girls, this new age fitness mantra, based on ancient arts, never goes out of style.



7. Bokwa


Still on a nascent stage, this South African style dance workout has been quick to find its way to India. This is your chance to put your best foot forward on this new, swanky and not-yet-explored dance style. Who knows, it might just form a new passion altogether!



Let the freshness and excitement take over your usual routines. Buy into all of these interesting alternatives and Get, Set, Sweat.