Benefits Of Zumba Workout: A Rising Fitness Trend

Benefits Of Zumba Workout: A Rising Fitness Trend

FITPASS Editorial Team16 August, 2017Updated on : 16 Nov 2022

Zumba workout is considered to be an exciting and engaging dance routine. If you are the one who really finds it difficult to use your time while working out in a boring gym environment, then Zumba workout is your call to break this monotony. Zumba dance classes makes use of great rhythmic music from across the world. The steps involved are a combination of fast, slow & medium alternates. Zumba is the most effective way to work on improvising your muscles. Zumba workout is a complete body workout that can help you get a fit & toned body if followed regularly.


Zumba workout makes you feel amazing, energetic and engaged through dance. It is a mixture of fun and aerobic workouts which translate into an overall, total body workout. “Life is better when you dance” is the mantra of Zumba enthusiasts. Whether it’s a dance form or a workout, Zumba guarantees weight loss in a dedicated span of time. Dance your calories away and burn that excess fat off.


A big part of choosing a healthy and fit regimen is by following something you are going to continue religiously. Zumba workout is appealing, which makes it an exciting activity for its enthusiasts. As to how effective it is, that really depends on the length and intensity of your workout. There is a lot of movement to it, and if you are actually working hard (and sweating), then you are surely going to burn off calories. Zumba can definitely help you achieve the specific body tone you have been longing to desire for since ages.

However, Zumba by itself cannot work unless you are following a healthy nutritional plan.

Eat right. Eat clean. Eat regularly. Workout for 45 minutes daily and wait for the sure shot results to be delivered.


Some tips while following the Zumba workout


1.Avoid junk food biscuits and anything which comes with packaging and nitrogen air filled stuff.

2.Drink lots of water, especially one hour before every meal and before sleep.

3.Include vegetables like cabbage broccoli and tomatoes.

4.Avoid rice after 6 pm and try eating vegetables and soup.

5.Most important is to go out and run, drop some sweat and burn calories, love yourself and stay inspired.

6.Avoid eating after 8pm.

7.Focus on long term goals, focus on results which are permanent healthier and make sense.


So let’s go through the diet, you must follow while going through your Zumba routines:


  • Cut out refined carbohydrates 


White bread, white rice, and anything else related to this vertical is considered refined and bad. It doesn’t take much energy to break down. This means it promotes weight gain. Refined carbs also raise blood sugar level which promotes blood sugar spikes that can increase hunger pangs and also increase the risk of diabetes.

If you do eat carbohydrates, stick to complex carbohydrates. You should still limit these but they can be considered as a healthy exchange if you want to consume rice or bread anyway with a balanced meal. A balanced meal with low carbs includes items like Brown rice, Wheat/Whole Grain Bread, Whole Wheat Pasta, etc.


  • Increase your protein intake moderately


Don’t go crazy with protein, because even too much protein can be a bad thing, however, one must anyway increase their protein intake. Lean meats like Chicken and Turkey are the best sources of protein.

The reason why protein is good for maintaining a stable diet is that protein takes the most energy to breakdown. When the body is digesting protein, roughly 30% of the calories from what you just ate are being burned during the processes. Therefore, protein takes longer to digest while also revving your metabolism by burning through a complex energy source.


Let’s have a look at some of the different types of Zumba workouts


  • Original Zumba


Dance forms like salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton are termed as original Zumba forms. Original Zumba consists of various energetic dance moves.


  • Zumba Gold


A modified version of original Zumba. In Zumba gold, your moves and pace will be slightly changed as per the needs of the boomer generation. But classes will be still based on Latin music


  • Zumbatomic


Zumba follows no age boundaries and if you have kids who find Zumba as an attractive activity then Zumbatomic is meant for them. Specially designed for the kids who fall under the age category of 4 to 12.  Zumbatomic is an engaging workout routine which helps these kids to develop and maintain their health and lifestyle at an early age.


  • Aqua Zumba


Aqua Zumba is all about the friction of water which encourages your muscles to work harder as you follow through each and every movement of the chores while standing in a swimming pool. It is beneficial for your joints There is no age bar for this Zumba form.


  • Zumba Toning


Zumba Toning focuses into the traditional cardio elements of Zumba. Its main target is to put the focus on the key muscles of the body. Toning sticks are used to achieve the best results.


  • Zumba in the circuit


The combination of traditional Zumba along with circuit training in one class is termed as Zumba in the circuit.

So, torch your calories away with Zumba. Any person, of any age, whether the kids or the elders, anyone can go for it. Just be patient and keep motivating yourself in order to help you form a routine and follow a balanced and healthy diet.


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