Sanjana Kaushik 29 March, 2016 Updated on : 07 Dec 2017

Looking for complete Proteins in all your meals? Worrying because you are a Vegetarian? You need to stop worrying, because Meat and Eggs are not the only contender. Dairy is also a part of the race, which is an easy to get for the Vegetarians.

Here we list out 5 healthy protein options from your kitchen :


1. Tofu




Tofu, or bean curd is made out of soy milk, water and nigari (a natural coagulant) and is most often used as a substitute for Paneer in the Indian household. Tofu has an incredible ability to soak any flavour that is added to it, so it can be used in any gravy of your choice with extra nutrients added. Tofu being low in fat, can be consumed without a regret and in addition to being a complete protein, it is also a good source of Vitamin B, iron and calcium.


Tip : Try Broccoli and Tofu stir fry when you are planning your next tasty, light and healthy meal!

2. Chickpeas


Chickpea or garbanzo bean is an ancient legume or pulse with each grain packed with protein, fibre and nutrients and is low in calories. 100 grams portion would give you as much as 19 grams of protein.
It will help suppress your hunger, keeping you fuller for long!


Tip :  Lightly boiled chickpea could be added in your salad, pasta or just blended as a nutritious dip!

3. Soybeans




Consuming soybeans is said to be lowering cholesterol levels and lowering bone density, decreasing the risk of fractures, especially in menopausal women.  It is recommended as a good substitute for higher-fat animal products.
Tip : Make some soya idlis for a healthy breakfast.


4. Nuts




The quotation ‘Good things come in small packages’ rightly fits to the category of nuts. These nutritional powerhouses are full of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Almost all nuts are equal in terms of calories, but the quantity of nuts to be consumed has always been debatable. Remember, moderation is the key. 



Tip : Pairing up your nut portion with a fruit could be a good option.




5. Vegetables




All the Vegetables might not typically be the best protein sources but combining these vegetables with whole grains gives you the required Amino acids in your diet. Mix and match your food, to obtain the best of each food.


Tip :  Peas, Spinach, Baked Potato, BroccoliCorn are some few good options of proteins.

Eat Clean, Train Hard.