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Key Points On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Daily Diet

Key Points On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Daily Diet

Pompi Borah 28 July, 2017 Updated on : 19 Dec 2019

Humans need a wide range of nutrients to lead a healthy and active life. The most out of your daily diet nutrients for different physiological groups can only be derived from a well-balanced diet. Essentially, a balanced diet meets all your required nutritional needs without providing too much or too little of any nutrient.

Do you follow a very healthy diet or do you count your calories and eat up to 1200 calories a day? Everybody is curious to know about your eating habits and would like to know the outcome of your food or the value of your nutritional intake?

A balanced diet is the healthiest. Your body needs water, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and Dietary fiber. While different nutrients are rich in different kinds of food, each nutrient is required at a specific level to feed the need of your body.

One of the key points about our diet, that we should always take care of is consuming an ample amount of water every day, which is essential if you want to be healthy and fit.

  • Water in your food

You have to keep watering your body round the clock! The question here arises is how much water should you drink? The answer is very simple, divide your body weight (in kgs) by 20 and that is the amount of water (in litres) you need to have.

  • Pre-Workout meal

The workout is inevitable. The fact that most of you are unaware of is that you should eat something within 60minutes of waking up. This is because sleeping after having dinner sends our body into a mode of starvationand we are not able to consume anything for the next 8–9 hours. So, have a small meal right after you wake up. Be it apple, banana or oats with milk. This will serve as a pre workout meal. It will also help in preventing sore muscles to some extent and will pace up your metabolism.

  • The 2 (two) hour rule

Just like you need to water your body round the clock, you also need to keep feeding yourself after a fixed time interval. Personal nutritionist suggest that if you feel hungry after every 2 hours, then your metabolism is very high and perfect. Try feeding yourself in every 2 hours. Gradually your metabolism will boost up and you will want to eat in every 2 hours automatically.

  • Have your dinner 4 hours before sleeping

The ideal time of having dinner is 7:30 or maximum 8 pm. You should not delay your meal beyond that because if you go to sleep with your dinner undigested, your body will store the fats and make you gain weight.

  • Focus on taking lean proteins and dietary fibers

This would make you feel full and avoid unnecessary cravings. Some foods containing a high level of proteins are eggs, chicken breast, almonds, soya beans etc.

  • Carbs and fat

As, per personal nutritionists, you are allowed to have some amount of carbs and fat in your daily diet. An average person can have 130–150 grams of carbs and 30–47 grams of fat. The exact figures depend on your age and weight.

According to personal nutritionists or any personal dietician, a human body needs a different type of nutrients to maintain their growth. As Carbohydrates is a food nutrient which gives us energy. We need Protein to protect our self from diseases and the growth of our muscles. Fat is needed for energy and storage of energy. We need fiber for easy digestion and extractions. We need water because our total body runs on a liquid transport system. We need vitamins to protect our body from diseases and it helps in the manufacturing of enzymes and hormones. We need minerals for the growth of and the maintenance of different parts of our body.

So we know that this all nutrients are essential for our body so we should eat a balanced diet to get the most out of our daily Food/Diet and be healthy and fit.