7 Simple and Healthy Pre-workout Foods
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7 Simple and Healthy Pre-workout Foods
Published on: 17th Jan,2020
Last Updated on: 16th Jan,2024

More often than not, people do not eat the right foods or skip them altogether even though they take working out seriously. A pre-workout meal is crucial and there are several reasons for it. Fasted cardio is another emerging trend – people hit the gym or the fitness studio on an empty stomach to burn body fat. You should eat pre-workout if you are going for an early morning workout.

Pre-workout food is essential if you want to have a good workout session. The body doesn’t get enough nutrients or energy without them during exercise and you will get tired before you should. If you keep doing it, you might even injure yourself or become ill. Certain pre-workout foods provide ample energy for your workout so that you can get the best of it. You need an expert to advise you on your diet if you have set goals.  You don’t have to go anywhere for it; get FITFEAST for diet recommendations by experts on your phone.

7 Pre-Workout Foods

  1. Bananas


Bananas are the best pre-workout food – having 2 bananas around an hour before your workout gives you enough energy for a 90-minute intense workout. They contain sugar and starch, which replenish your body’s energy levels. Bananas are packed with potassium and carbohydrates that support muscle and nerve functions. Bananas facilitate slow release of glucose in your bloodstream that keeps you going, especially for endurance workouts. Have a couple of bananas or a banana smoothie before your workout.

  1. Orange


Only 30 minutes left before you have to be at the gym, what do you eat? An orange is enough; it has just over 60 calories, which will not fill you up but it will satiate a grumbling stomach. An orange has enough carbs and Vitamin C that help repair the muscles that break during exercise. Plus, oranges are juicy and yummy!

  1. Oats


You can definitely add oatmeal to your pre-workout meal among other things. Oats are packed with fiber and gradually release carbohydrates. The slow release of carbs means that your energy levels will not fluctuate throughout the workout. Therefore, you can consistently perform well during the workout instead of going crazy during cardio and feeling lethargic while doing weights. Oats contain Vitamin B, which converts carbs into energy. Buy the least processed oats and have oatmeal with fruits like apple, bananas, strawberry, and other berries.

  1. Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a mix of different kinds of nuts and dried fruit; they’re all full of protein and calories. They are also high in fat content, which makes them great for gaining muscle mass. However, avoid it if you want to lose weight. The good thing about this pre-workout snack is that you can make it at home without putting in too much effort or buy a pack at a store near you. However, avoid the nuts coated with chocolate or sugar. Add almonds, cashews, raisins, goji berry, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

  1. Protein Shakes

Protein Shake

Yes, how can we miss those? Protein is a nutrient without which working out is almost useless. This pre-workout drink is popular among those who workout to gain muscle mass. According to experts, protein facilitates the development of skin, bones, and muscles. Protein shakes are a great alternative for those who are unable to get enough protein from natural sources or who are vegetarians. If you’re an athlete or a regular at your workout, you can have one after your workout as well. However, do not overdo it since too much protein can damage the kidneys. Since it is a pre-workout drink, it doesn’t take long to digest and you can have one 30-60 minutes before the workout. For that matter, you can have a protein smoothie as well.

  1. Peanut Butter & Apples

Peanut Butter and Apples

Your pre-workout meal can be a peanut butter sandwich or nut butter with apples. If it’s a sandwich you like, go for multigrain or whole wheat bread. This is a more suitable option for morning workouts because you have been fasting for the last 8-10 hours and your body needs all the carbs. You can also have a whole wheat bagel with some honey; honey is a natural source of energy.

When it comes to peanut butter and apples, it’s just the best snack. Apples are full of carbs and peanut butter is healthy fats and protein – all that you need for a good workout.

  1. Brown Rice & Chicken

Brown Rice and Chicken

This pre-workout meal is for those who choose to workout in the evening or night due to time constraints. The body takes time to digest and absorb brown rice, which is a good source of carbs and fiber while the chicken is a source of meat and protein. This combination is ideal for a pre-workout meal; have a medium-sized bowl to get 200-300 calories. Two pieces of chicken and 30 grams of uncooked brown rice should do it.

Finally, you can also have curd for its protein and calcium content. Curd is good for the stomach as it is easy to digest, which makes it great to have before an intense workout. Add some honey, cereal, and fruits for a good energy boost.


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