Essential Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Essential Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

FITPASS Editorial Team06 October, 2017Updated on : 17 Aug 2022

Green tea, a healthy beverage on the planet, loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which provide a powerful and positive effect on your body.The benefits of green tea are well known to provide various healing and detoxifying aids to the human body. Some people sip Green tea for reducing the weight and some people drink it to keep a control on their blood sugar level.

Do you know? - that green tea is often classified as one of the 'superfoods' due to its health-boosting components, which help to fight a wide array of ailments and diseases. It is one of those healthy beverages that you can consume on a regular basis. It is rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can improve your health condition in a major way.

Want to know how the antioxidants present in green tea are so useful for us? Scroll down and read!

There are certain molecules known as free radicals which are produced when the body breaks down food or even due to smoking or drinking. These free radicals attack the healthy cells in our body and lead to several problems including aging. The antioxidants present in green tea protect our cells from the damage inflicted by the action of these free radicals.

 Health Benefits of Green Tea

Let’s talk about some of the major benefits that we can receive by sipping green tea on a regular basis.

  1. Weight Loss

Green tea increases metabolism. The antioxidants found in green tea work to intensify levels of fat oxidation and the rate at which your body turns food into calories.

  1. Anti-diabetic properties

Green tea apparently helps to regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. This can prevent high insulin spikes and result in fat storage.

  1. Prevents Heart Diseases

Green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed and better to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect the heart against the formation of clots, which can become a primary cause for causing heart attacks.

  1. ​​​​​​​Cholesterol

Green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

  1. ​​​​​​​Tooth Decay

Green tea can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries, and other dental conditions.

  1. ​​​​​​​Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of green tea helps reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  1. ​​​​​​​Depression

Presence of Theanine in green tea leaves provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and have great benefits for your body.

  1. ​​​​​​​Skincare

Green tea can also help with wrinkles and the signs of aging, this is because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are numerous benefits found in green tea. But always remember that it is healthy and beneficial only when it is consumed in moderation. Green tea has its side effects as well, but most of them occur due to excessive consumption. When you consume or do anything beyond the prescribed limit, you will incur negative results. Just stick to 2-3 cups of green tea a day and get ready to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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