5 Winter Workout Tips | How to Exercise in the Cold

5 Winter Workout Tips | How to Exercise in the Cold

FITPASS Editorial Team08 December, 2020Updated on : 16 Jan 2024

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that winter exercise needs more motivation than, let’s say, summer, spring, or autumn workouts. The shorter days and cold weather make it hard to follow a workout schedule consistently. That being said, we laud your efforts if you make it work regardless of the weather and mood. That’s probably because you know and keep reminding yourself of the endless benefits of exercising. You may not know this, but working out in the winter can be much more fun than in any other weather.

We all know that the holidays and festive season put a break to all the winter workouts. Now, all you have to do is get back into the swing of things. That’s easier said than done, but it must be done. Granted, outdoor activities are a little bit harder, but then it’s a good time to sweat it in the gym. Try other forms of workout if your favorite one is not easy to stick with, and your body can always use a change. A change in activity can help you exercise consistently, which would otherwise be challenging. Activate FITPASS to explore and attend various workout options at thousands of gyms and fitness studios across India.

5 Winter Exercise Tips

  1. Make it Easier with Indoor Classes.

Indoor classes

Although some might disagree, winter isn’t the best time to go out for a run or cycling. And the increasing pollution levels are no help either. This is a good time to try one of those workouts that have been in the back of your head but you never got to them. For example, try an indoor spinning class to work out. You can burn anywhere between 300 to 700 calories in a spin class, depending on its intensity and fitness level. It is one of the best ways to shed “holiday weight” as well. For that matter, Zumba or other dance classes are great ways to exercise in the cold. Of course, Yoga classes are an option, too; the breathing exercises warm the body while improving bodily functions.

  1. Workout at Home

Workout at home

Don’t feel like stepping out at all? That’s okay; look for home workouts. You can get intelligent workout recommendations from ARIA - FITCOACH’s innovative AI program - based on your needs and preferences. ARIA learns about you with each completed workout and recommends the exercises of the following exercise accordingly.

Create a home gym – nothing fancy, just a few essential equipment like lightweight dumbbells, resistance bands, jumping rope, etc. Of course, if you want to go all out, do that by all means – get benches, barbells, kettlebells, etc. Working out at home has the comfort of not having to convince yourself to step out. You can put together a routine of basic bodyweight exercises that will keep you healthy and fit.

  1. Or Go Out – If You’re Used To It

Go out -  if you are used to it

First things first, dress appropriately. Check the weather forecast and ensure you’re warm enough while stepping out. If the weather is clean, running or cycling will do you good. Remember to warm up because the muscles can be relatively tenser due to the cold, which might lead to injuries. Ensure you stay hydrated because, at some point, the body starts burning calories, and you begin sweating, but don’t feel as thirsty as you would on a summer day. Wear comfortable shoes as always, and do not forget a windcheater if it’s particularly windy. Remember to cover up after the workout because you can catch a cold when the body cools down.

  1. Yoga is the Best Bet

Yoga is the best bet

The benefits of yoga can never be listed entirely, even though we keep trying. You can attend a Yoga class as one of the best winter workouts at almost every gym or fitness studio. Look especially for hot yoga classes. Yoga improves mobility and flexibility, which are much needed in the cold weather as the body tends to stiffen up. As mentioned earlier, breathing exercises, or just the act of breathing with movements, improve blood circulation and make you less vulnerable to falling sick.

  1. Just go to the gym it Out.

Just go gym it out

It is one of the best indoor workouts for winter; you don’t have to brave the weather outdoors or need a lot of resources. With FITPASS, you can visit several gyms in your area and work out till you feel pumped up. Since the body usually retains more weight in the winter, spending four or even five days at the gym is the season. Work on those different muscle groups. Trying to go at a time when people are less likely to show up and get the best out of the trainers.