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2017 - Year In Review

2017 - Year In Review

Jnanendra Veer 03 January, 2018 Updated on : 29 Jan 2022

2017 was a great year for us in many ways. Some of the changes and features we’re especially proud of include introducing Nutritionist assistance, incorporating A.I. on the App, and revamping our look. During the course of the year, our FIT-community grew fitter and crossed the 85 thousand mark, and as the year drew to a close, we also achieved 100,000 downloads on Google PlayStore. Another milestone for us was crossing 1500 fitness partners in 2017.

We want to thank all you awesome fitness enthusiasts for supporting us thus far and trusting us with hosting your fitness workouts all year long.

Check out our top 10 accomplishments in 2017 and some amazing features we have in store for you in 2018. We’ll never stop innovating here at the FITPASS headquarters.


We rang in 2017 with a huge update by introducing Nutritionist Services on the app with some of the best nutritionists and dietitians in town to guide our followers. It turned out to be the perfect addition to the workouts users were already attending!

2. 46,750 users chose their goal to Stay Fit

2017 was a year when all our health fanatics focussed on Staying Fit and rocking that physique all year long. Slimming Down and Bulking up were next-in-line with 32K and 6k users across Delhi NCR.

3. Youth access FITPASS most

While we love hosting users from varying age groups, 18-24 year olds have loved using our services the most this past year with almost 45% of users falling in this category. Another inspiring fact was that about 4% of our users were above the age of 50 years!

4. 53,600 users prefer working out in Groups

Gym workouts have become a little monotonous, and we noticed our users chose Group Activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Combat Training etc. over regular Gym workouts.

5. 70,000 reservations on the go

Whether on Apple or Android devices, the FITPASS app has been the most preferred choice for all our users to reserve their workouts. Did you know that almost 2000 users booked an Uber to go for their workouts?

6. 42,400 workouts opted during the day

Working out in the day took centre stage for our users in 2017. Our Girl Gang took lead and attended the highest number of workouts in the day.

7. 51,000 workouts reserved in and around two preferred locations

Our FIT-community embraced reserving workouts - both close to their homes and workplaces all year long. Gurgaon and West Delhi thronged with FITPASS enthusiasts all year.

8. 1,15,680 Diets assigned

Our Nutritionists were buzzing with clients! Fitness enthusiasts understand that eating healthy is as important as working out.

9. A partnered gym earned over Rs.500,000 

Believe it or not, one of our top most partners earned over Rs.500,000 this past year. The same partner hosted over 1600 users through FITPASS.

10. A user attended close to 300 workouts in 300 days

One of our finest users attended 300 workouts in 300 days through FITPASS during the course of the last year. CrossFit, TRX, MMA, Zumba, Rock Climbing were some of the many workout options he opted for, he too chose different workout activities over gym workouts.

Kick-ass features for you in 2018


Our newest feature, FITCOACH is an A.I. led fitness coaching program that will design intelligent workout plans for you. We’ve combined predictive technology and highly curated workout assistance through smart instruction videos for these workout plans. You will receive dynamic workout recommendations based on your needs and performance through instructional videos with on forms and techniques. You will also be able to access your progress reports on the app and set workout alarms to never miss leg day or any workout day!


As a FITPRIME customer, you will be entitled to exclusive savings and benefits from FITPASS. All you have to do is pay 499/year to unlock a host of options not just on your FITPASS membership, but also on FITFEAST, FITCOACH, and the FITSHOP.

Another big focus for us this year is to expand into new territories, as we want you to GET FIT and STAY FIT wherever you are.

Here’s to a successful 2018!  Happy New Year!!


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