2022 – Year In Review | FITPASS

2022 – Year In Review | FITPASS

FITPASS Editorial Team05 January, 2023Updated on : 21 Aug 2023

Remember, last year your resolution was to join the best fitness center around you and become the best version of yourself. Well, cheers to you for making yourself and us proud in your fitness journey. With every passing year, we look back one last time and cherish every achievement as gold. So, let’s take a look at FITPASS achievements for the year 2022 and celebrate the spirit of fitness together.

FITPASS is unstoppable when it comes to encouraging people to attain fitness. We have spread our roots across 39+ cities in India, including two-three tier cities like Udaipur, Surat, Ranchi, Kochi; which have led to the biggest fitness revolution.

FITPASS Roaring in 39+ Cities

Our never-ending number game has again taken the year by storm with millions of users giving up their excuses and training themselves to build a nation that is fitter than ever.

FITPASS App Download in 2022

FITPASS Track Record

FITCOACH Stats 2022

FITFEAST Stats 2022

FITPASS TV Stats 2022

Fitness seekers know their way out to break the monotony and bring upon new forms of fitness each year. This year, we have witnessed the greatest fitness trends and every viral workout was on our charts. Let’s see what our fit fellas had chosen to work out the most this year.

Fitness Activities at FITPASS

The month of June has witnessed a surge in the number of workouts. Instead of choosing a good getaway to Maldives or Pattaya, people have engaged themselves to sweat harder in the summers and accomplish their fitness goals. Fitness centers were jam-packed in the morning from 7 AM – 8 AM and Mondays have seen the maximum ‘fit-fall’.

Fitness Schedule

FITPASS Members are the foundation stone, who encouraged us to come up with a platform that caters to fitness necessities in the most convenient and fun manner. Our members have been our efficient partners who achieved their fitness goals by keeping us as their daily fit-pal.

Taking numbers by storm, our Fit-Heads broke all the records. The highest reserved workout in a day was officially declared as the sweatiest day of the year. 

Highest Reserved Workout in a Day on FITPASS in 2022

FITPASS is not just about fitness but wellness that keeps us going in our everyday lives. Following are the wellness trends for 2022 that have led to the resulting fitness among youth, proving that life is all about taking good care of yourself.

Wellness Trends in India 2022

FITPASS has offered an extensive platform where gyms & fitness centers across the country can earn incredible profits and boost their business by gaining an unimaginable footfall of fit enthusiasts at their place.

We aim to build an ecosystem for our members where we holistically approach their wellness necessities. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our platform is upgraded with a brand new section called FITHEAL - a comprehensive module that offers the best medical solutions around you. With FITHEAL you can consult the best-certified doctors online, schedule your health check-ups, amazing discounts on pharmacies and much more.

Our biggest responsibility as a business is not only to serve but to emerge and evolve with the newest solutions so that we uplift and encourage the masses to choose fitness as their lifestyle. FITPASS has put forward wellness to be the front-runner this year so that we target the most sustainable demographic group to stay fit, i.e., employees. FITPASS is now India’s largest full-stack corporate well-being platform that ignites, fuels, and personalizes each individual’s journey to feel good and be well. Leading corporations rely on FITPASS to support their employees’ health and happiness through the unmatched variety, convenience, and flexibility offered by FITPASS.

Fitness Challenges of Corporate Employees

This doesn’t end here. We are all energized and excited for the year to come where our power-pack programs and super-exciting deals will make you crave fitness like never before.

FITPASS 2022 Review Infographics

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