Impressive Coffee Facts And Effects Of Caffeine

Impressive Coffee Facts And Effects Of Caffeine

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Coffee – is it just a wake-up drink? Lovers all around the world will unite to tell you how essential coffee is to them and even spend hours convincing you of its benefits. It keeps them awake through long nights, is a great conversation starter, and a confidant of lovers. We can’t help but agree with the versatility of coffee; it can be brewed to each individual’s taste. Some like it strong, some like it black and some like the intensity of an espresso, whereas others want it light and creamy like a cappuccino.

Coffee and Caffeine Benefits

The presence of caffeine in coffee is what makes it so refreshing irrespective of when you have it. But, do you know what is caffeine? It is a central nervous system stimulant; a psychoactive drug found in coffee. Read on to know more about it.

Coffee and Caffeine Benefits

1. Caffeine acts as a diuretic

People who are prone to water retention benefit from caffeine as it flushes out excess water from the body. However, high doses of caffeine doses can cause dehydration. 

2. Coffee is known to reduce the risk of certain diseases

It prevents Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, type-2 diabetes, mouth and throat cancer, and even prevents tooth decay. These findings are based on epidemiological studies done on caffeine consumption.

3. Coffee burns fat

Every fat burning supplement in the market consists of some amount of caffeine as it significantly boosts the metabolism. It means that you enter the fat burning stage after drinking coffee. Rejoice!

4. Caffeine restores energy levels instantly

It improves cognitive functions and mood. So, if someone is tired, drowsy or feeling low, you know what to get him or her!

5. Coffee has antioxidants

Coffee fights free radicals in the body, keeping you away from problems caused due to inflammation

Stay in shape and look younger with just 1 cup of coffee every day!

Fun Caffeine Facts

  • Our generation drinks almost half as much coffee as our grandparents did. However, we compensate the caffeine intake with energy drinks and sodas
  • A 350 ML cup coffee provides five times as much caffeine as a diet coke
  • A cup of coffee is much better than an energy drink; its contains more caffeine and no harmful chemicals and no extra sugar
  • Caffeine is the most widely accepted legal drug. Its benefits on the brain functions and preventive effects of caffeine on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease justify its legality
  • Death from caffeine is quite rare, but possible

Caffeine is, after all, a drug and should not be abused or it might manifest withdrawal symptoms.

Fun Coffee Facts

  1. Did you know coffee was all about women empowerment? Ancient Arab culture allowed only one way a woman could legally get a divorce – if her husband didn’t provide enough or good coffee
  2. Roughly 100 cups of coffee can be lethal
  3. Coffee is the world's second most valuable traded commodity. Petroleum is first
  4. Coffee is the second most popular beverage on earth. Tea is first
  5. Turks call their coffee houses “schools for the wise”
  6. Arabs were the first to cultivate coffee trees. They typically roasted and boiled coffee, which is why they call coffee “the wine of Islam”
  7. Coffee beans are actually not beans, they are fruit pits
  8. In France, there’s a coffee shop, where not saying “please” and “hello” makes your coffee expensive
  9. When you add cream to coffee, it stays warm for 20% longer than usual
  10. Famous musician Beethoven was a coffee lover; he used to count coffee beans before making a cup
  11. World’s most expensive coffee is called Kopi Luwak; it is made from beans digested by a type of cat in Indonesia

Surprising Coffee Facts

Coffee lovers happily call themselves “coffee addicts”. Being addicted to good things is not so bad after all, is it? Coffee is not just a drink, but it is considered a culture; people across the world gather together to share some coffee and socialize. Modern cafes provide complete coffee experience with the option to socialize. However, as it goes with everything, overdoing with certainly has its negative effects.

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