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Healthy Mind Over Healthy Body

Healthy Mind Over Healthy Body

Sanjana Kaushik 29 January, 2016 Updated on : 06 Jul 2018

We always worry about our Physical Health, not realising that by 'worrying' we are continuously detoriating our Mental Health.

Healthy Mind > Healthy Body, because only Healthy Mind can lead to a Healthy Body.


Avoid Toxic Environments.

This can be a little hard to do if it's your place of work or somewhere you need to go everyday but if you do, try and limit your time round those who involve themselves in bitching or gossiping. Quickly retract yourself from a conversation where you find yourself giving out about somebody else.


30 Thank You's Upon Waking.

I'm thankful for...My nice duvet!! The roof over my head, my dog. There are plenty of things that you have, that others don't, that you should be so happy to have. Remind yourself of them every morning.


Summing Things Up.

Though Facebook is a wonderful tool for checking in with old friends and networking with people across different groups, as well as for making social plans, and remembering important life events like birthdays and anniversaries, Facebook has its limits.

True quality socialization and friendship is outside the scope of Facebook, so do not try to use it as a substitute.


Seek Help

Never be too afraid to ask for help. At any time that you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope with surrounding pressures and stress, seek help from family, friends and health care professionals.


Balance out Things during Holidays.

Overindulging in anything during the holidays may add to feelings of stress, fatigue and guilt. Limit alcohol consumption. Eat a healthy diet. Find time to exercise.Don't allow the holidays to serve as an excuse for abandoning healthy habits. Maintaining healthy habits will have you better equipped to more effectively manage holiday stress.