Things To Keep In Mind While Using Gym Machines

Things To Keep In Mind While Using Gym Machines

FITPASS Editorial Team28 April, 2016Updated on : 29 May 2023

There are lot of amazing gym equipments out there that we would love to workout with. But are you doing it right? Using these equipments accurately is as important as just trying them out. Doing it wrong can give you muscles in wrong parts of your body. Keep the following points in mind before using these 5 gym machines.

1. Horizontal Seated Leg Press

Horizontal Seated Leg Press

The leg press is one of the best gym machines to use. It is best for your thigh hamstrings, butt and quadriceps.

Sit with your back and head against the padded part.

The legs should form an angle of 90 degree with the knees.

The knees should be in line with the feet not inward or outward. If the knees seem to be in front of your eyes, then adjust the seat accordingly.

Don’t raise your bottom from the seat platform.

Hold the handles while doing the workout and keep your head and back lean against the seat.


2. Lat Pull-Down Machine

Lat Pull-Down Machine

This machine focus mainly on the back muscles but is good for the arms and shoulders as well. Lat Pull-downs are the alternative to pull-ups.

Sit on the seat and pull down the bar. Space out the hands for more than the width of the shoulder for a wider grip, equal to the shoulder width for a medium grip and less than the shoulder width for a small grip.

Create a curvature on your lower back by placing your torso back to 30 degrees.

Bring the bar down touching your chest as you breathe out. Squeeze your shoulder blades and go slowly to the starting position.

Do not pull the bars using the forearms. Concentrate on your back muscles and arm movements.


3. Chest Press

Chest Press Machine

The motion of Chest press is similar to pushups. It is best for your chest, biceps and triceps.

Sit on 90 degrees and keep your back in contact with the back support.

Exhale while pressing and inhale while going back to the initial position.

Keep the shoulders at the same height and squeeze the chest muscles while pushing and slowly get back to the initial position.

Don’t arch the back and keep the feet flat on the ground.


4. Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging exercises are the best for core strength and abdominal muscles. They strengthen the arms, back, shoulders and legs too.  One must add this workout in their routine along with the floor exercises.

Use wide or medium grip to hold the bars. Keep the legs extended and the pelvis rolled slightly backwards.

Pelvis should form a 90 degree angle with the legs while doing the leg raise.

Do not use the leg muscles to do the workout.

Keep the pelvis in one straight position and concentrate more on abs muscles.


5. Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

If you are focusing more on weight loss, then rowing is the most effective machine to use. Rowing uses almost every muscle of your body be it legs, arms, hips, back, joints or upper body muscles.

Keep the arms and shoulders straight while holding the handle.

While hinging forward from the hips, bend the knee until they are over the ankles.

Let the hands reach the ribs.

Extend the arms and bend knees to slide the seat forward.


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