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Fitness Tips | Do I need a Personal Trainer?

Fitness Tips | Do I need a Personal Trainer?

Pushkar Garg 13 January, 2020 Updated on : 11 Mar 2022

They say the hardest part about fitness is convincing yourself to show up at the fitness center consistently. Well, it is. But you might find yourself without a clue when you visit the gym or a fitness studio for the first time. That’s why there are trainers; they tell you what and when to do. But if you ask people who have been working out for a while, they will tell you that you don’t need to consult trainers unless you’re trying something new or difficult.

Inevitably, you will eventually ask yourself this question – “Do I need a personal trainer?” If you ask us, the answer is “not really”. Before you search “personal trainers near me” online, you should know that you can motivate yourself and achieve your fitness goals without anyone’s help unless you’re training for a competition for which you need professional help.

Fitness should not be restricted to a single type of workout. Join FITPASS and attend different workouts whenever and wherever. Be your master when it comes to your fitness.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer

They Charge a Lot

They Chanrge a Lot

Most personal trainers charge huge sums of money, which can be spent on better equipment, workout gear, and diet. A trainer is most likely to charge at least 5,000-10,000 rupees every month  and we’re talking about the ones with minimal experience. Logically, seasoned trainers would charge much more. However, most of them are employed by gyms in the first place. Even if you plan to go for personal training at your gym, you should ensure a few things.

  • The trainer shouldn’t be over or underweight
  • Stay away if they focus more on machines rather than free weights
  • They should be able to explain the inclusion of exercises in your routine
  • Spending a lot of time talking about irrelevant stuff isn’t acceptable
  • He/she shouldn’t be on gym duty while training you
  • Make sure they’re not always on the phone or looking at the clock
  • Don’t work with them if they try to sell supplements to you

Technology is Your Guide

Technology is your guide

You can easily find professionally curated content online. Videos contain details on the form, technique, repetitions, and other recommendations that help you reach your goals. Now, we don’t encourage you to be on your phone while you workout but it’s better than wasting time with someone who’s taking you for a ride.

FITCOACH is an AI-based fitness coach that delivers dynamic workout routines so that you can workout on your speed and time. The suggestions adapt and evolve as per your needs and preferences. of course, several accounts on YouTube and Instagram explain exercises in detail and give complementary safety tips.

Learn and Move on

Learn and move on

Training is a business and they don’t want you to know everything. If you know everything you need to know, you won’t need them and they don’t want that. Therefore, they are trained to keep you dependent on them. That is not to say that all the trainers are like them but it happens more often than you would think. Teaching you the least allows them to keep earning. Moreover, a lot of gyms set targets for them; to bring in more customers or retain the ones they have. Therefore, there is a chance that they might be trying to just keep you there.

Even if you choose to work with a trainer, make sure they come highly recommended. More importantly, ask them to help you achieve a goal in a defined period instead of just working out with them without any timeline. It is the trainer’s job to educate you in the process instead of just telling you about the next exercise. Learn how to adjust machines, the safe use of weights, and how to progress in certain areas by perusing online content. Once you think you can go ahead without help, take charge.

You can Motivate Yourself

You can motivate yourself

You might feel the need for someone’s encouragement to perform better each day. And who better than a personal trainer? Well, the answer is “you”. No one can know how far you can push yourself and how to get to the gym when you feel low. Instead of putting your trust in someone who charges you to do something, trust yourself. The day you reach your goals will be much better when you know that you have done it without anyone’s help. Don’t get us wrong – some people who can push you to do better and that's not always wrong but these people are very few.

Not all Trainers are Good

How many times have you asked the trainer about their qualifications? You might have seen them pushing someone to do harder or seen them workout quite hard but that’s not enough. Anyone can tell you to do 8-12 reps on the Chest Press machine. But a good personal trainer will tell you things like the position of your wrists, feet, the weight you should press, etc.

Now this might be a surprise for you or not but not all trainers are certified. They just know how to make a rapport with the trainees, which is why they are hired in the first place. Moreover, the standardization of training certification may be questionable as well.

We have all come across trainers who waste too much time, keep suggesting the same exercises and are hardly available when you want them to. Moreover, trainers recommend a lot of protein in the diet when a lot of people might not even need it. A good trainer will always regulate your diet to see what works best for you. It’s much better to rely on yourself instead!

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