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Best Solution To Fight HIV

Best Solution To Fight HIV

Pompi Borah 29 November, 2017 Updated on : 19 Dec 2017

HIV is the virus that can cause AIDS if not treated properly. A healthy routine with proper diet and regular exercises will help people to lead a happy and meaningful life even with HIV.


One should keep following points in mind when affected by HIV:


  1. Eat Healthy Food


The right diet can help your body to absorb HIV virus.


Types of food:

Eat a well-balanced diet such as the whole foods plant-based. Include fish, beans, and nuts contain protein which will build and maintain your muscles. Fruits and vegetables help you with essential vitamins and minerals which also make you feel full. Take care and eat right when you have HIV.



  1. Exercises


HIV positive doesn’t matter when it comes to exercises. Regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle for all.


Types of exercises


  • Aerobics


Aerobic exercises- walking, jogging, running, swimming, hiking, and cycling- strengthens your lungs and heart. It improves the rate and depth of your breathing, which in turn increases how much blood and oxygen your heart pumps to your muscles.


  • Resistance Training


Resistance or strength training is important for people with HIV. It can help offset the loss of muscles caused by the disease as it involves exertion of force by moving (pushing or pulling) objects of weight.


Go for barbells, dumbbells etc or you can use your own body weight in exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups. The main purpose of resistance training is to build muscle mass.



3. Take your medicine on time


Skipping medicine or if you are not taking HIV medicine on time will increase the likelihood of hospitalization. That's why it would be a good practice to start using an app which reminds you and your family about your medication.


4. Oral Hygiene 


Keep your teeth healthy! Dental problems are common in people with HIV. As oral warts, fever blisters, thrush, and canker sores are more likely to develop when the immune system is comprised of HIV. Brushing and flossing regularly, visiting your dentist at least every six months, can help prevent such problems.



5. Handle your stress in stressful situations


General stress is something that’s nearly impossible to avoid in life. But there are techniques for calming your mind and living a comparatively stress-free life. Drinking enough water, exercising and getting enough sleep can help in managing your stress.



TAKE AWAY: the Proper combination of healthy habits help people to live with and fight HIV. It is important to find balance in life for everything and especially more if you have to fight a constant battle every day!