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Top 10 Most Famous Plus-Size Models Ruling The Fashion Industry

Top 10 Most Famous Plus-Size Models Ruling The Fashion Industry

Barkha Sharma 23 April, 2019 Updated on : 10 May 2019

10 Leading Plus-Size Models to Get Motivation From

Plus-Size Models are now making a sensational trend in society with their boastful confidence and heavy bodies. Anyone who is size 8 and up is known to be as a Plus Size Model in The Fashion Industry. 

Let’s Meet Top 10 Most Popular Plus-Size Models of The Present Era-


Ashley Graham

  • Date of Birth- 30 October 1987
  • Age- 31 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 10 inches/ 177.8 cm
  • Weight- 91 kg/ 201 lbs
  • Place of Birth- Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

While thinking of Plus-Size Models, the American Model- Ashley Graham’s name comes on top of the List of Supermodels who has successfully managed to make her appearance on the cover of Vogue and Cosmopolitan Fashion Magazines.
To achieve a body like that of Plus-Size Model Ashley, you can go for Squats, Speed Skaters, Burpees, Lunges, Side Lunges, and Sumo Squat.
Coming on to Ashley Graham’s Diet Plan, she swears by healthy food, lean protein, fresh fruits, healthy fats, and veggies.



  • Date of Birth- 27 March 1991
  • Age- 28 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 10 inches/ 177.8 cm
  • Weight- 80 kg/ 174 lbs
  • Place of Birth- Cranleigh, Surrey, England

She is an idol for many curvy girls out there. With uplifting the confidence of many to embrace their body, this Plus-Size Model won Miss Surrey in 2008 to be the First 16 Size Model for Miss England Tiara.
She is fond of her curves and works out 4 days a week in the gym to retain them in shape. Swimming is the favorite activity of this stunning Plus-Size Model who doesn’t believe in following any strict diets.


Jennie Runk

  • Date of Birth- 13 June 1989
  • Age- 29 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 10 inches/ 177.8 cm
  • Weight- 77 kg/ 170 Pounds
  • Place of Birth- Georgia, United States

We’re sure you can’t fail to recognize the H&M’s Summer 2013 Model- JENNIE RUNK. This Veteran Plus-Size Model has walked in multiple runway shows. 
The phenomenal Plus-Size Model has beautiful curves to flaunt, for which she exercises on a regular basis to enhance them more. 

4-    TARA LYNN-


  • Date of Birth- 26 July 1982
  • Age- 36 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 9 inches/ 175.5 cm
  • Weight- 98 kg/ 216 lbs
  • Place of Birth- San Francisco, California, USA

The well-known American Plus-Size Model, Tara Lynn is familiar as a lingerie model who has been featured on the cover of Glamour, Elle, Vogue, and multiple other Fashion Magazines. 
She can never give up at Lunges and feels that every time is a perfect time to perform it and stay fit. Anywhere-workout with no-equipment is her go-to exercise plan which gives her such a wonderful body!



  • Date of Birth- 15 October 1984
  • Age- 34 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 11 inches/ 180 cm
  • Weight- 92 kg/ 203 pounds
  • Place of Birth- Georgetown, Washington, DC, United States

The leading lady signed her first modeling contract when she was just a 15-year old teenager. Being a Plus-Size Model, she takes pride in expressing her body positivity to the entire globe. 
Her husband’s training routine inspires her the most, and she tries to do something active each and every day. On days when this Plus-Size Model can’t meet to workout, she prefers walking wherever she goes.


Tess Holiday

  • Date of Birth- 5 July 1985
  • Age- 33 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 3 inches/ 160 cm 
  • Weight- 130 kg/ 286 pounds
  • Place of Birth- Laurel, Mississippi

With her charismatic appearance and confidence she stays boosted up at all times, can you believe this Plus-Size Model to be a mother of two? 
Her secret to staying in such fantastic shape? It’s completely crushing, including barbell curls, squats, and high knees exercises. 



  • Date of Birth- 13 June 1989
  • Age- 29
  • Height- 6 feet 2 inches/ 187 cm
  • Weight- 89 kg/ 196 pounds
  • Place of Birth- Girraween, New South Wales, Australia

The first-ever Plus-Size Model to be starred in Sports Illustrated Fashion Magazine engages herself into modeling for reputed brands- Elle, H&M, Ralph Lauren, etc.
Behind that mesmerizing beauty, it’s Kickboxing, Running, and Yoga that makes this curvy Plus-Size Model unavoidable. To sustain that incredible body shape, she devours nutrient-laden and wholesome foods. 
Also, she incorporates sushi, hummus, broccoli, and many other food items in her diet regime!


Crystal Renn

  • Date of Birth- 18 June 1986
  • Age- 32 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 9 inches/ 175.5 cm
  • Weight- 64 kg/ 141 lbs
  • Place of Birth- Miami, Florida, United States

Started her career at the tender age of 14, one of the Most Popular Plus-Size Models, Crystal Renn is now witnessed on the cover page of Tush, Times Magazine, and several famed Fashion Magazines. 
She includes Yoga into her workout routine to keep herself aware of how her body moves. To be a perfectionist like Plus-Size Supermodel, achieve peace and dedication with exercising Yoga.


Jessica Leahy

  • Height- 5 feet 9 inches/ 175.5 cm
  • Place of Birth- Sydney, Australia

The Australian Plus-Size Model, Jessica Leahy is never ashamed of flaws, instead, expose with all dignity. 
Want her fitness secrets to getting spilled over? Well, she considers exercise not more than any leisure activity. This makes her every workout session exciting. Rather than restricting to one type of physical activity, she mixes things up and keeps it fresh!


Tabria Majors

  • Date of Birth- 19 March 1990
  • Age- 29 Years
  • Height- 5 feet 10 inches/ 177.8 cm
  • Weight- 98 kg/ 218 pounds
  • Place of Birth- United States

The outcast social media sensation and fashionable Plus-Size Model, Tabria Majors is an impeccable body-positivity influencer who count on Burpees for grilling herself through a great total body workout.
She strengthens her core by playing racquetball.

All these astonishing Plus-Size Models have completely faded away from the idea of getting slim to be a model. If you’re losing hope at any point in life, here they are to motivate you and love yourself the way you are!
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