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Why You Should Adopt Plyometrics Workout Today

Pompi Borah 18 June, 2018 Updated on : 30 Jul 2019

What is plyometrics

If you want to build your strength, improve your speed, and link them together, a plyometric workout is what you’re looking for. It is based on jump exercises and includes dynamic movements to gain agility. Including plyometrics in your routine is perfect to increase your upper, lower, or whole body strength. A plyometrics exercise focuses on your increasing body coordination, jump height, and sprint speed. 

Read on for the best plyometric exercises for speed and strength

Alternating Lunge Jump

Alternating Lunge Jump

This exercise has all the lower-body strengthening benefits that lunges have and more. While performing this exercise you’ll simultaneously work on your calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It works the transverse abdominis in your core as well - the lower most ab muscles around your sides. It stabilises the hips and the upper body. 

Tuck Jumps 

Tuck Jumps

Also known as knee tuck jumps, they are used by athletes to improve their on-field performance. They make for a great HIIT exercise and burn a lot of calories within a short period of time. It tones your lower body as you jump high. Additionally, it shapes the hips and cuts down belly fat. Performing tuck jumps daily have amazing effects on your cardiovascular health as well.

Clap Pushups 

Clap Push-Ups

Plyometrics workouts that include clap push ups are especially good to maximise your chest muscle growth. They directly work on the ‘fast twitch’ fibers of the chest muscles that speed up the body building process. It is the perfect exercise for those who practice martial arts or play basketball and volleyball since it builds the functional explosiveness of the body. It can help you increase the bench press weight and repetitions as well. 

Standing Long Jump

Also known as explosive long jump, this one is possibly the simplest and one of the best best plyometric exercises for speed. The athletes with the fastest time to cover the first forty yards are those who include standing long jumps in their training routine. Therefore, if you want to increase your speed, you shouldn’t miss this one. 

Lateral Bounds

Another exercise that works for the whole body; it especially applies pressure on the muscles that you use to propel yourself to run or jump. It works the tendons and auxiliary muscles along with the main muscles, which are usually neglected in other exercises. Therefore, lateral bounds as a plyometric exercise prevent injuries as well.

A plyometric routine boosts the efficacy of your workout session. These explosive moves give you more bangs for your buck; they're intense and work several muscles at once. If you’re looking to fire up your body to get in shape and burn fat quickly, plyometric workouts are the way to go!

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