This Holi’23: Ward-off Unfit Blues & Welcome Colours of Fitness

This Holi’23: Ward-off Unfit Blues & Welcome Colours of Fitness

FITPASS Editorial Team07 March, 2023Updated on : 13 Mar 2023

It’s already summer and as we were longing for the season with our brand-new fitness routine, the festival of Holi is here at our doorstep. Not just a mere coincidence, pal! The onset of the summer season is witnessing the beauty of raging colors and we just can’t hold our excitement. Our festive spree is all set to celebrate this Holi with lots of enthusiasm without even restricting our motivation to get fit. Yes, you read this right. In this blog, we will share with you an active fitness Holi plan which you can follow and stay up close with your celebrations as well.

Holi Fitness Routine

Follow along with this schedule so that you don’t miss out on all the Holi and Fitness fun.

Early Morning Exercise

Set your alarm for an early morning. Get up, freshen up, and have your early morning detox water. Start your day with your workout routine. If managing your daily workout routine seems hard to perform then you can shorten the duration of your workout.

Early Breakfast

No matter if your friends have gathered outside your house waiting to get drenched with you, skipping your breakfast will never remain an option. Get an early morning high-protein breakfast including oatmeal, paneer bhurji, besan ka chilla, omelette, upma, poha, etc. so that you crave less and enjoy your celebrations with full energy.

Make Healthy Holi Snacks

How about trying wholesome Holi snacks with a twist of fitness? Holi snacking with a lot of sugar and salt can shake up your diet plan but these Holi snack ideas will help you to retain your taste and manage your fitness goals. 

  • Baked Gujiya with Jaggery

This traditional Indian Holi snack is a must-have even if you crave to be in shape. Baked Gujiya is a savior as it contains jaggery instead of kcal-packed sugar content.

  • Almond Milk Thandai

With zero-trans almond milk and brown sugar, this delectable Holi drink is perfect for vegans as well. Add fennel seeds powder and thandai powder, and your drink is ready to be served.

  • Baked Namak Para

With wheat flour, carom seeds, oil, and a dash of salt, this namak para is perfect when baked. Brush some oil over the pieces and bake them for 20-30 mins.

  • Lauki Halwa

Quit your regular halwa recipe and go for Lauki halwa this year. With the goodness of bottle gourd, this halwa is made with jaggery, ghee, and milk.

A special Non-fried Dahi Bhalla recipe curated by our expert nutritionist which you can easily try at your home. This quickest Dahi-Bhalla recipe is a must try if you want to stay loyal to your diet plan.

  • Whole wheat bread
  • 1 Ltr Buttermilk
  • 500 Gms Curd
  • Dry fruits & Nuts (chopped)


  • Cut the edges of the bread and flatten it so that it can be molded like a ball.
  • Fill in with chopped nuts of your choice like almonds, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Gently press the pieces to remove excess water.
  • Take a bowl and mix in curd with buttermilk. Whisk in properly. 
  • Dip the bread-nuts balls into the buttermilk mixture.
  • Keep inside the refrigerator until served.

This non-fried Dahi-Bhalla does not require gas-stove cooking and can be easily preserved for the rest of the day. Our nutritionists make sure that they serve the best alternatives so that we don’t compromise on our taste. If you want more meal plans like these and customized diet plans, then download the FITPASS app and chat with your nutritionist on FITFEAST for expert dietary advice.

Dancing is must

Stage an area and put-up speakers because Holi is not only going to be about colors. No two-left feet excuses if dancing may not be your thing. Burn up those calories by grooving with the beats and celebrate your sweats as your true colors of this year.

Playful evening

Once in a while, it’s good to give up on social networking and get indulged in real networking. Make plans with your family & friends for numerous board games, cards, poker, and tambola, and rejoice in the time without any tech distractions.

Every festival calls for excitement and enthusiasm. Furthermore, these festivals are such mindful events that bring us closer to our loved ones, spending this day with a full spree. Check upon your dear ones and try to spend an evening with calmness and tranquility that give a boost to our mental health as well.

FITPASS wishes its readers a very Happy Holi!

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