Holi 2019: 7 Healthy Dishes You Can Make At Home This Holi

Holi 2019: 7 Healthy Dishes You Can Make At Home This Holi

Barkha Sharma 18 March, 2019 Updated on : 27 Mar 2021

Colors are pretty, and Holi is all about creating flamboyant atmosphere everywhere around. Is your mouth already drooling while thinking about Gujiya and other special delicacies? With lorries of zesty savories, it becomes difficult to control your cravings during the festive season. 

Are you ready to celebrate this auspicious colorful and toothsome festival? We know it’s just impossible to resist devouring scrumptious sugar-coated relishes, but ignoring fitness is also not a convenient option.
Folks in India strongly believe in following Holi Food Traditions. Well, let’s this HOLI be more healthy! Your desire to ditch your diet plan is totally understood, but what if it's replaced with not only healthier but tastier options as well? 
If you’re thinking of making this festival an excuse to binge on more and more calories, let us aware you of few scrumptious Holi Food Items before you load anything mindlessly. Foods that will raise your spirits and wake up your senses in a jiffy are right around you!


Baked Gujiya Holi Sweets

Haven’t heard before? But, if you wish to relish the crisp of sweet fried Gujiya, Baked Gujiya will definitely be a Holi Special Food! 


Aloo Palak Chat Holi Snacks

Again, we don’t mean anything fried here! Grab some boiled potatoes and add blanched spinach leaves to them. Don’t forget to have curd at side. A delicious recipe is ready to gobble up by you!

BHAANG Thandai and juices for drinks in HOLI

Holi and Bhaang go hand in hand. But, you don’t want to put your health at risk, do you? We know that and have thus brought to you more toothsome drinks to sip. 
Aam Panna, Thick Lassi, Milkshakes, Veggie Smoothies, Fruit Juice Shots, Dry Fruit Shakes, Lemon Water, Jal Jeera, and Coconut Water will be perfect beverages to try this rainbow festival!


Fruit Halwa in Holi Sweets

You can have it as much as you want. Replace Semolina with any fruit of your choice. More fruit will bring more nutrition to you. Nothing can be as delicious as Fruit Halwa to satisfy your cravings this Holi!


Besan Cheela

What’s for Holi Breakfast? Why not grab some protein? Let your Cheela be jam-packed with bell pepper, onions, and tomatoes. Accompany it along with tangy-zesty saunth and mint chutney.


Coconut Ladoo Holi Sweets
The name of this delicacy is already making you dripping? After all, such a heavenly sweet dish it is. Quench your hunger pangs with throwing some nuts and coconut in preparing these laddoos. That makes a mouth-watering Holi Special Recipe!


Rava Idli Holi Snacks

We know you’d like everything colorful. So, why not choose Idli for same? Catch up with beans, peas, and carrots and go extra miles to make Oats Idli with them. Add this low-fat option into your Holi Lunch menu and go with the flow!

Now that you’ve enough suggestions to try your luck this Holi, quickly come to Some Essential Tips-

  • A complete NO-NO to oily, spicy, and extra sweet foods. 
  • Be careful of the number of calories you binge on.
  • Pick only freshest foods while spying on the expiry date concurrently.
  • Reach your hands on sautee’, grilled or baked Holi Snacks. 
  • Cool your system with booze of pudina, coriander, and back salt stirred with water altogether.
  • When sweet tooth bothers, just feed your belly with dates, apricots, and Anjeer barfi.
  • Masala milk crammed with a generous amount of saffron, cardamom, pistachios, and almonds will always work great as a Holi Drink.

These tips will help you stay fit while giving a palatable treat to your starving taste buds. No more fear of disrupting your weight loss plans or affecting that hard-earned waistline.

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