Things To Remember Before Starting A Workout Routine

Things To Remember Before Starting A Workout Routine
Sanjana Kaushik
Dec 5, 2015
Updated On Nov 20, 2018 19:52

Preparing for a workout is as essential as the workout itself. Here is a list of things which you should remember before starting your workout.

1. Unclutter your mind

Unclutter your mind

Organize your thoughts, and focus on sessions which will get you the best results you want for yourself.


2. Assess your fitness level

Assess your fitness level

Don’t try to work out like a hero; you may end up harming yourself. Use different fitness calculators like BMI, BMR etc. to assess your fitness level and do exercises accordingly.


3. Select a Fitness Program

Select a Fitness Program

Select a workout plan that aligns with your ultimate fitness goal. 


4. Make A Playlist

Make A Playlist

Songs are one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Make a playlist of motivational songs which give you goosebumps. Here is a list of workout songs from our end.


5. Hydrate your body

Hydrate your body

70% of our body is made up of water. And yet, we suffer from dehydration. Make sure that you drink enough water before workout. But don’t overdo it, or else you might end up throwing up.


6. Dress comfortably

Dress comfortably

As the saying goes - look good, feel good - and it’s true while working out as well. Put on your best workout clothes, and hit the gym with a BANG!


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