Burpees 101!

Burpees 101!

FITPASS Editorial Team09 December, 2016Updated on : 26 May 2023

How about an exercise that you can do on the go? The one that is fat torching, the one that works out upper and lower body simultaneously, the one that requires no equipment at all! For those who have done it might have guessed it by now. Right, we are talking about burpees. And for those who don’t know it yet, you are surely going to love it soon.

The good : No matter what you are, a footballer, an army man, athlete, bodybuilder or just a newbie in fitness, burpees are for everyone.Your excuses of not going to the gym in winters won’t be heard now, because burpee exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. The only thing required is to lift yourselves off that couch where you’ve been sitting throughout.

How to Do Burpees

How to do Burpees?

Step 1: Begin in a standing position

 Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, lower your body into a squatting position, placing your hands on the floor in front of you.

Burpees Step 1

Step 2: Kick your both feet back together and get in a push-up position

Make sure your hands are firm on the grounds to support your body. For those unable to do or are beginners can simply get in the push-up position without kicking

Burpees Step 2

Step 3: Lower the chest and do a push-up

Do a push-up and get your chest back up.

Burpees Step 3

Step 4: Kick your feet back to the original position

For those unable to do or are beginners can simply walk back to the original position. Stand up, jump into the air and clap your hands overhead.

Burpees Step 4

The quicker you go, the more effective it will be. But just don’t just go too fast or you’ll be fatigued after doing just a few.

Burpess Complete Step

Why Burpees should be your next favourite exercise?

1. It’s portable and require no equipment at all: This one is one of the best thing about burpees. You can do it at home, garden or even in your hotel room. Zip.Zero.Zilch.

2. They burn whooping amount of calories: Being a high intensity exercise burpees are proved to burn 50% more fat than your usual everyday exercises. Plus, it speeds up the metabolism throughout the day, which will help in fat loss and torching calories even after you stop doing burpee exercises.

3. They are a complete package: Unlike the isolation exercises which just target the specific body parts, burpees are full body exercises. It’ll work from your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps to your legs providing you a whole body workout. The quicker you are the better the results.

4. They make you strong and muscular: Burpee is one of the best exercises of functional training. It will not only add to your muscle mass but also help you to get fit for day-to-day activities that require lifting of weights.

5. Can accommodate in every workout: Working out on your triceps today or maybe chest? No worries, make some variations in the burpee movements and you are good to go. Be creative and come up with your own.

Learn Burpees

 Now enough of reading, get up and do some burpees!

Start now!!