5 Basic Triceps Exercises To Add To Your Workout Routine

5 Basic Triceps Exercises To Add To Your Workout Routine
Naman Shukla
Oct 26, 2017
Updated On Sep 13, 2019 13:24


You must have come across people sweating it all out at gyms for those herculean biceps (are you one of them?). For some, it is all about size, isn’t it? Though their efforts are inspiring and admittedly they may be good for them, there’s a probability that they might be doing something wrong. 

Could it be that they (or you) could be missing out on something important? Ironically, biceps constitute much less of the arm than the triceps. That is why building triceps is essential to building big arms.

The key to a toned and strong body is training every part and creating a balanced muscle mass. It might not be possible for everyone to do that without expert supervision. Also, trying new workouts to find out one or more that suit you is only logical. Try FITPASS with which you can workout at 3,500+ premium gyms across the country at your convenience. 

What is Triceps Muscle? 

Triceps, technically known triceps brachii, is a three-headed muscle at the back of the arm. You can feel it by flexing your arm. The main and most important function of a triceps muscle is the extension of the elbow joint.

Why Triceps Exercises are Important

Triceps constitutes about 2/3rd of the arm muscles; if you are missing out on the triceps workout at home or the gym, then you are missing out on training 2/3rd of the arm muscles. Out of scores of triceps workouts, only a handful can help you achieve the perfect arms. 

Top 5 Triceps Exercises for the Perfect Size

Bench Dips

Dips exercise is considered to be one of the basic and highly efficient exercises to train the triceps muscles. It burns the extra fat on the back of your arms and specifically targets the triceps muscle. What makes Tricep Dips great is that you use your weight to train the muscles, which is a great challenge. You don’t need any other equipment and most importantly you don’t necessarily need to go for a triceps workout at a gym. However, it is advisable for the best results. All you need is a bench and some space to flex your legs. Challenge yourself after getting the hang of the basics by experimenting with width. The wider the width, the better the effect of the exercise.

Bench Press (Close Grip)

The Bench Press is one of the most popular exercises in the gyms. Close Grip Bench Press creates tension in triceps muscles, which leads to their development. Close grip bench press benefits are not limited to the arm; it works the upper body along chest, shoulders, and arms. Though the bench press is primarily best for an upper body workout, this variation is perfect for the triceps. Please take note that positioning the legs correctly is essential for stability and strength. Bench press for triceps works best when you gradually increase the weights eventually.

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Press

This exercise is particularly good for targeting the long head of the triceps. It also allows you to safely press heavy weights. Slow and steady overhead triceps press helps in getting the perfect shape and mass. Keep your neck straight and slowly lower the dumbbell to tense the muscles without compromising on the muscle connection. Increase the weight gradually with each set as triceps muscles take less time to recover than other muscles.

Lying Triceps Extension (Skullcrusher)

Considered as a muscle-building staple for decades due to its simplicity and effectiveness, lying triceps extension is one triceps exercise that tops the list. The focus of this exercise is the medial head of the triceps muscle. This exercise also strengthens the core and elbow joints. All you need is a curved bar, a bench, and someone assisting you because this exercise is not known as the skullcrusher for no reason. 

Triceps Push Down

Triceps push down is quite simple and a good exercise to strengthen your triceps. It is performed on a cable machine, which is available at most gyms these days. A bar attached to the cable with the pulley overhead is pushed down against resistance. The cable is attached to weights within the machine. Triceps push down exercise is extending the elbow joint and is known to promote muscle growth.

Important Workout Tips

  • Perform these exercises under the supervision of trainers only
  • Take your time with each repetition and set. Do not rush into it 
  • Posture and positioning are everything; they help avoid injuries
  • Pay attention to the basics 
  • Muscles respond best to a set routine; exercise regularly
  • Doing it right is more important than pushing yourself to do more. 
  • Discuss your goals and targets with your trainer and follow a set plan
  • Maintain a healthy diet for the best results

For best results, do a triceps workout at least once a week or as suggested by your trainer. These exercises provide an excellent resistance curve and cover the three primary shoulder angles. Finally, remember that routine is unavoidable.

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