10 Great Benefits Of Cheese

10 Great Benefits Of Cheese

FITPASS Editorial Team19 January, 2018Updated on : 19 Jan 2018

We have adored Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, and other varieties of Cheese for years. An important part of the human diet, cheese has always played an important part both as a dietary staple and as gourmet food. However, always awarded with the tagline of “fatty food”, its health benefits are lesser known. It may come as a surprise to us, but cheese is healthy!How is cheese good for us you ask? Well, cheese contains a great amount of Vitamin A and B12, Proteins, Calcium, Riboflavin, Zinc, and Phosphorous. With their presence, cheese not only helps benefit our health but also benefits our skin and hair. The high-quality of protein in cheese provides the body with essential building blocks for strong muscles.


 Cheese is also a low-calorie but high-volume food which helps you feel full while working to lose weight.


Read more to find out how cheese is a good addition to your health.


Cheese for Strong Bones



1.Strong bones and  fight osteoporosis


Rich in protein, calcium and potassium, consumption of cheese aids in making the bones strong and has long been recognized as an effective strategy against osteoporosis.


2. Cures a Migraine


Cheese is also helpful to cure migraine headaches. The calcium intake with cheese reduces the problem of migraines.


3. Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis 


Cheese contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Omega-6 Fatty Acids which are beneficial in preventing Rheumatoid arthritis.


Cheese for Rheumatoid Arthritis


4. Weight loss 


With the presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, Cheese is beneficial in weight loss as well.It is also rich in dietary fibers which benefit digestion by improving your metabolism.


5. Fights cancer


Cheese can help prevent cancer and this is perhaps the least spoken of the health benefit of cheese.Cheese contains conjugated Linoleic acid and Sphingolipids which both play a crucial role in cancer prevention.


6. Lowers blood pressure 


Cheese contains potassium which is helpful in reducing blood pressure and hypertension.


7. Helps in Pregnancy


With a high content of calcium in cheese, it helps stimulate contractions during labor. Cheese is also helpful when it comes to proper milk production to feed the baby.


Health Benefits of Cheese


8. Lower the risk of heart diseases 


Consumption of cheese is beneficial for heart health and helps reduce the risk of hypertension, which is one of the largest causes of heart disease. Moderate consumption of cheese, as part of a balanced diet, lowers the risk of heart disease.


9. Improves immune system


Some types of cheese work in a positive way towards the proper functioning of our immune system. They also help reduce illness and fight diseases.

10. Healthy hair and skin 


Rich in Vitamin B which aids cell metabolism and growth of cells, Cheese helps provide our skin with the much-needed glow. It also helps maintain shiny hair and fights blemishes.


As a highly popular food worldwide, cheese is produced in a variety of forms. Being a rich source of high-quality protein, cheese is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. With several of its qualities, cheese may cut the risk of both heart diseases and osteoporosis when eaten in moderate amounts.