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Sonam Kapoor – A Transformation Story

Sonam Kapoor – A Transformation Story

Pompi Borah 06 February, 2018 Updated on : 27 Nov 2018

Sonam Kapoor – Bollywood’s style diva, is an enterprising person and a ravishing actress. Sonam Kapoor's incredible body transformation inspires many women. We all know at least one woman who dreams of being like her. And why shouldn’t they? She’s got the looks and the style. But life was not the same for Sonam before she made her Bollywood debut.


Like many teenagers, Sonam too found it difficult to manage her weight and diet. She was overweight from a very young age, was borderline diabetic, and had PCOD. Her eating habits made her unhealthy and she once weighed astounding 86 kilos. It was only after she was signed as the lead actress in Saawariya that she was advised to lose weight and get in shape for the role. In 2 years, she lost 35 kilos by following a strict meal plan and workout regime. Her weight-loss boosted her confidence immensely.

If you’re struggling to lose weight and looking for some motivation, we did a little digging and found out her diet and all her fitness secrets.


A self-confessed foodie, Sonam does not believe in dieting. She eats everything in moderation even her favorite chocolates and sweets. She eats every two-hours since her day is packed with strenuous physical activity, shooting and public events. She snacks on nuts, dry fruits, energy bars, and fruits in between her meals. To keep herself hydrated and to keep her energy levels up, Sonam drinks plenty of fluids throughout the day. She lives on a high-protein and a low-carb diet and eats 5-6 meals in a day.


sonam kapoor's transformation


Sonam Kapoor's Diet Plan –


Early morning: Sonam starts her day with a glass of warm water with juice of a lime and honey.


Breakfast: Breakfast usually consists of a shot of wheatgrass with fresh juice, whole wheat flatbread with hummus, avocado, and tomatoes.She also eats oatmeal or egg whites with whole wheat bread, fresh fruit, and green tea sometimes.


Mid-morning: She snacks on nuts, dry fruits, fresh fruits, energy bars, protein shake or coconut water.


Lunch: Having lived in Singapore, Sonam loves Asian food. Her lunch usually consists of quinoa, rice, or flat noodles with stir-fried vegetables like bok choy, Chinese broccoli, and spinach. She also eats chapati with chicken/fish, green vegetables, and curd.


Snacks: She snacks on multigrain crackers, boiled egg whites, berries, and yogurt if she feels hungry before dinner.


Dinner: She likes to keep her dinner light and usually eats soups or grilled vegetables with salad or chicken/fish.

Along with following a strict meal plan, Sonam does a combination of weight training and Pilates every day. She breaks her workout routine in such a way that she focuses on different muscles each day. Weight training has helped her increase her strength and Pilates has helped improve her flexibility, concentration, and balance. This combination of workout has helped her lose inches and be in the stunning shape she is today. Along with this, Sonam’s stamina has increased with cardio workouts which she does 3-4 times in a week for 60-70 minutes. Sonam is a believer in trying something new every week for her fitness routine to break the monotony. She takes a dance class, yoga, Pilates, and weight training to keep fit.


sonam kapoor's weight training and pilates workout

Sonam jogs early morning every day. To relieve herself of stress and weight gain, she does yoga and meditation for 30 minutes every day. She spends 60-70 minutes doing cardio workout to help her burn more calories. To develop her upper body and shoulders, she regularly does swimming. To tone her body without getting tired easily, she also takes dance lessons. Sonam loves playing sports and plays squash twice a week which helps her keep fit overall.


sonam kapoor's cardio workout


With sheer dedication and hard work, Sonam has been able to get fit while she focuses on her career. Bitten by the fitness bug she has transformed her mind and body over the past several years. Following a strict meal plan and workout regime, Sonam Kapoor has stunned us all repeatedly with her fashion statement and her tremendous weight loss journey. Looking stunningly sexy in her new avatar she is an inspiration to many!