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Zareen Khan’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Zareen Khan’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Pompi Borah 27 February, 2018 Updated on : 07 Dec 2018

Zareen Khan's inspiring weight loss journey from 100 to 57 kilos has been remarkably amazing. Her sizzling figure, gorgeous looks, and stunning beauty are the outcome of a rigorous workout regime. Zareen has also confessed that for her, fitness is a way of life.This young actress has startled the world with her incredible weight loss journey after her debut in Veer. Her svelte figure is the result of her hard work, strict diet plan, workout regime, and her disciplined lifestyle.

Incredible Weight Loss Journey of Zareen Khan

Zareen shares that she eats everything but in strict moderation. She doesn’t like to skip meals, or follow crash diets, and has cravings for rice and desserts. She starts her day by drinking a liter of water on an empty stomach. This helps her flush out the impurities from her body. Breakfast consists of two egg whites, brown bread toast, fresh fruits, and sprouts. As she proceeds with her day, she likes to have vegetable soup, sprouts, and coconut water. Lunch for Zareen includes brown rice, stir-fried vegetables, with grilled chicken. Zareen likes to have early dinner, which consists of salad, brown rice, boiled vegetables, and grilled chicken. She also makes sure to eat every 2 hours in small proportions instead of having big meals. This helps her boost her metabolism and enables her to burn more fat.​

When it comes to working out, Zareendoes a mix of Weight Training, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio, Jogging, Swimming, and Spinning. From her debut till today, Zareen has shaped and toned her sporty body. With her trainer, she undertakes weight training three times a week to give her muscles the necessary time to rejuvenate. She starts her day by doing Pilates for an hour which is followed by either swimming or jogging. While traveling or in between her hectic schedule, she makes sure to do Yoga for an hour. She has credited her toned physique to Yoga as it has completely changed her silhouette.

Zareen Khan Figure

Zareen Khan’s strong resolution and never say die attitude has been the hallmark of her success. She has incorporated fitness into her life in such a way that it has now become a way of life for her and probably she cannot abstain from it anytime now.

Incredible weight loss Zareen Khan

For all those who are on a weight loss mission, take tips from Zareen Khan's exceptional transformation.