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Aditi Rao Hydari’s Food And Fitness Secrets

Aditi Rao Hydari’s Food And Fitness Secrets

Pompi Borah 22 May, 2018 Updated on : 28 Nov 2018

Maintaining her body in the most perfect way, Aditi Rao Hydari is blessed not only with flawless skin but also with the perfect body. A strong woman, with even stronger female figures in her life, for Aditi fitness is being happy. A firm believer in good health, both in the body and in mind, Aditi says it reflects on your skin.

Aditi says it reflects on your skin

Want to discover more of her fitness and food secrets? Read on to find out how Aditi maintains her figure with fitness and nutrition.

aditi rao hydari fitness secret

For breakfast, she starts her day with a glass of fresh juice along with a proper breakfast meal. She likes to indulge in a different kind of food every day like eggs, idli, chila, or poha. Due to her small appetite, she eats often. She either has a glass of milk, almond milk or a vegan protein drink with chia seeds, berries, and nut butter as a mid-morning snack. She also likes to munch on nuts or roasted makhanas through her day.

aditi rao hydari diet plan

Her lunch consists of quinoa or brown rice with either dal or mixed vegetables and either fish, chicken, or mutton. In the evening she likes to eat a bowl of upma or salad and if she is not in between shoots then she indulges in some light snacks or nuts along with a cup of green tea. Dinner usually consists of a bowl of mixed vegetable soup and sometimes brown rice with fish. She prefers taking meats with lots of green vegetables.

When it comes to fitness, Aditi loves Yoga and often switches between Functional Training, Pilates, and Yoga depending on what her body requires. She has been practicing yoga since she was in school. She also does 30 minutes of circuit training thrice a week and Pilates on alternate days. Aditi follows an intense workout session, a combination of various forms of exercises. On days when she misses the gym, she prefers to make it up by running on a treadmill.

aditi rao hydari daily workout routine

Apart from her fitness and nutrition regime, Aditi makes sure to consume a good amount of water through her ay to flush out all the harmful toxins away from her body. She also prefers organic food freshly collected from the farm.

aditi rao hydari fitness

Aditi is undoubtedly fit and there are no two doubts about the fact that she gives her body the care and nourishment that it requires. She has incorporated fitness into her life in such a way that it has now become a way of life for her and probably she cannot abstain from it anytime now. Here’s wishing the powerful actor her more success and health.