Realize All Your Health Goals

Real-time Chat
Get instant assistance from your nutritionist on the FITPASS app
Schedule Calls
Speak directly with your nutritionist at your convenience
Water Tracker
Helps you stay hydrated
Meal Log
Helps you follow assigned diets
Calorie Counter
Tracks the calories consumed by you each day

FITFEAST - dedicated Diet & Nutrition assistance to achieve your fitness goals through a customized diet plan and real-time consultation with your Personal Nutritionist.

How do I access FITFEAST on the App?
To access FITFEAST on the App-

a) Open the FITPASS app
b) Click on FITFEAST
c) Provide your basic details like Age, Weight & Height etc through A.I. initiated form
d) Enroll for FITFEAST membership
e) On the basis of your details, a Personal Nutritionist will be assigned to you
f) You can initiate chat through the app to connect with your Nutritionist

What does FITFEAST membership include?

FITFEAST includes:
a) Real-time Nutritionist assistance on the app
b) Customized daily diets based on your lifestyles and preferences
c) 24x7 in-app chat with your Nutritionist
d) Calorie Counter to maintain a record of the calories consumed
e) Ease of scheduling calls with your Personal Nutritionist
f) Water tracker to help you track your water intake
g) Meal log to help you follow your assigned diets

What are acceptable ‘modes of payment’ to purchase FITFEAST?

You can pay for FITFEAST membership on FITPASS using the following modes of payment:
a) Credit / Debit cards (Visa / Mastercards)
b) Net Banking

How do I buy FITFEAST?

Simply follow the steps mentioned below:
a) Tap on "FITFEAST"
b) Select "Buy FITFEAST" and tap on desired plan
c) Clik "Buy Now" and select the payment method
d) Enter your card details and tap on continue

How long is my FITFEAST membership cycle?
Your FITFEAST membership starts from the day you buy. You can opt for a monthly membership (30 days) or a quarterly membership (90 days). The membership begins from the day of purchase and is valid till the last date of your membership plan. For instance, if you buy a monthly membership on 23rd September then it will be valid from this day till 23rd October.
When does my FITFEAST membership start?
FITFEAST membership starts from the date and time of purchase of the membership.
How do I initiate chat with my personal Nutritionist?
To initiate a chat with your personal nutritionist-

a) Open the FITPASS app
b) Select FITFEAST
c) Tap on the Navigation panel on the right side top corner
d) Click on “Chat with Nutritionist”
e) Initiate the chat with your personal nutritionist

How do I schedule a call with my Personal Nutritionist?
To schedule a call with your nutritionist-

a) Open the FITPASS app
b) Select FITFEAST
c) Tap on Navigation panel on the right side top corner
d) Click on “Schedule Call”
f) Choose “Today” or “Tomorrow”
g) Specify your convenient time slot
h) Click on “SUBMIT”
You will receive a call from your Personal Nutritionist at your suggested time slot.

How do I check the diet assigned by my personal Nutritionist?
To check your assigned diet-

a) Open the FITPASS app
b) Click on "FITFEAST"
c) Fill A.I. Initiated form (if applicable)
d) Log your previous meal and give your feedback (if applicable)
e) Scroll options to the right of "Log a Meal"
f) Click on "Show my Meal Log"
g) Select the date you want to check the assigned diet for
h) Scroll down to check your complete diet and nutrition plan

How do I renew my FITFEAST Membership?

Follow the steps to renew your membership:
a) Go on the FITFEAST section of the App on the main menu
b) Click on "Extend Membership"
c) Choose your desired plan
d) Make the payment

What is the refund policy for FITFEAST membership?
All sales are final. Refunds will not be generated for any membership or products bought on the website/app.