Your Dedicated Personal Nutritionist.

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Achieve all your fitness goal like + HAPPY FITFEAST MEMBERS.

Lose weight, get toned and achieve your desired fitness goals.


About The Process

Pick your plan

Buy a diet plan according to your objectives.

It's a match

Get matched with your personal FITPASS nutritionist

Get customized

Receive customised diet plans as per the needs of your body.

Follow up support

Get dedicated real-time follow ups and stay on track


Witness the success of your fitness journey.

Diet Right with FITPASS

Count your calories in-app
calorie counter

Track your water intake with
in-app water alarm

Consult your personal
nutritionist in real time

24x7 in-app chat with
your nutritionist

Schedule in-app voice calls
with your nutritionist

Follow your assigned diet
with in-app meal log

Diet Nutrition Blog

Receive expert opinion, insights on the best diet plans and fitness routines through our nutritional blogs.
Curated and written by expert FITPASS nutritionists.

Read FAQs

  • How can I schedule a call with my Nutritionist?

    There is a call option available on the FITPASS application and website. You just have to tap on the call icon and schedule a call according to your availability. You will get a call from your personal FITPASS Nutritionist.
  • Can I meet my Nutritionist in person?

    No, our nutritionists provide their services and support online through means of the FITPASS application or website. You can ask and get your queries solved accordingly over chat or through a telephonic conversation.
  • How and where can I see my assigned diet chart?

    There is a "meal log" icon available on the FITPASS application and website. You just have to tap on that to see your assigned diet plan.
  • Do I need to follow any kind of workout regime along with the diet plan?

    Yes, one has to follow both the things (diet and workout) simultaneously to witness the desired results.
  • Do you suggest any kind of meal replacements also?

    No , we don't suggest any kind of meal replacements as they can become a hurdle between you and your fitness goals.
  • What late night snacks can I have, in case I feel like munching?

    You can have healthy and low calorie snacks like Roasted Makana, Roasted Chana and Roasted almonds.
  • Should I detox after engorging?

    Yes. Detox is a must after any kind of overeating or overindulgence.This helps you to flush out the unnecessary and harmful toxins from your body.